England kit set for 'overhaul' as FA chief 'didn't spot' controversial flag

The Football Association will reportedly overhaul their vetting process for England’s 2026 World Cup kits after one individual responsible for green-lighting the controversial shirt for Euro 2024 ‘may have missed’ the St. George’s Cross symbol that has sparked outcry. It comes after Nike refused to rule out another ‘playful’ update on the national flag despite vast criticism.

England’s new shirt was initially met by widespread praise. However, a social media post by Nike drew attention to a controversial ‘update’ to the St. George’s Cross.

The traditional colours of red and white have been changed to a navy blue, light blue and pink colour scheme. Nike defended the design by saying it was a “playful update” on the St. George’s Cross that adopted the colours of the training kit worn by the England squad that won the 1966 World Cup.

Nike have been urged to change the cross by prime minister Rishi Sunak and the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. England manager Gareth Southgate, while not openly criticising the cross, was adamant that it could not be recognised as a St. George’s Cross because it was not red and white.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the FA will tighten their vetting process for future kits following the furore. Nike have not ruled out another similar controversial quirk on England’s shirts for the 2026 World Cup.

It is claimed that plans have already begun to design England’s kit for the next tournament, despite the most recent set of shirts only announced and put on sale this week. The designs for the Euro 2024 shirts were reportedly signed off in 2022.

The Daily Mail alleged that the FA’s then-commercial director, Navin Singh, may have missed the St. George’s Cross design that has caused so much fury. Singh was reportedly shown drawings of the design, but, according to the Daily Telegraph, those close to him say that he was not the only individual responsible for green-lighting the shirt.

Neither the FA nor Nike plan to change the current shirt, claiming that they have been flying off shelves. The FA said on Friday: “The new England 2024 home kit has a number of design elements which were meant as a tribute to the 1966 World Cup-winning team.

“The coloured trim on the cuffs is inspired by the training gear worn by England’s 1966 heroes, and the same colours also feature on the design on the back of the collar.

“It is not the first time that different coloured St George’s cross-inspired designs have been used on England shirts. We are very proud of the red and white St George’s cross – the England flag. We understand what it means to our fans, and how it unites and inspires, and it will be displayed prominently at Wembley [on Saturday] – as it always is – when England play Brazil.”