Arsenal in prime position as Man Utd 'transfer ban' will prevent Isak signing

United have striker transfer targets of their own, though several pundits have insisted that they should be looking no further than Isak. Ex-Liverpool star Jamie Carragher is among those to propose the move, explaining last year: “Manchester United need a centre-forward, you look at him (Isak) and I think he would be absolutely fantastic for Man United. Anybody who tells you that centre-forward play is all about scoring goals is just living in a dream world. Centre-forwards also have to be able to press in the modern game and he can do that.

“They have to press. They have to have pace. Energy, score goals and be involved in the build-up play. I just love the energy and aggression he’s got. Honestly, I think he’s absolutely fantastic. I think Newcastle have a special, special centre-forward.”

If United adhere to Newcastle’s wishes and accepts the ‘transfer ban’ clause then Arsenal could have a free run at Isak if they decide that he is the ideal candidate to lead the line for Arteta in both the short and long term.