Recent assessments indicate a requirement for a minimum of 100,000 electricians

Recent assessments indicate a requirement for a minimum of 100,000 additional electricians by 2030 to align with the government’s ambitious Net Zero goals.

Leading the charge in meeting this demand is Learn Trade Skills, an esteemed family-operated establishment situated in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Headed by Sezai and Tolga, a father-son team, this facility provides a nurturing atmosphere ideal for fostering excellence in electrical training. Their dedication to tailored education sets them apart within the electrical training sector, solidifying their reputation for personalized learning.

Family Run Centre

At Learn Trade Skills, the familial atmosphere cultivates a supportive environment and emphasizes a dedication to every student’s success. By providing both introductory and advanced electrician courses, Learn Trade Skills seamlessly integrates expertise with a familial ethos, promoting a sense of community and collaboration among learners. This family-cantered philosophy permeates all facets of the training program, elevating the educational journey beyond traditional methods. Consequently, students experience a comprehensive and enriching learning experience as they strive for excellence in electrical work. Learn Trade Skills’ caring and personalized approach exemplifies the positive impact of a family-operated centre on the learning process, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing the growth and development of each individual student.

Guaranteed Employment Support

Distinguishing itself, LTS offers a standout feature: guaranteed employment assistance. This commitment ensures that trainees not only acquire essential skills but also receive dedicated support until they secure their first job. This level of support aids individuals in making informed decisions, as Learn Trade Skills has a track record of never leaving anyone unsupported. From the outset of the course to its completion, LTS stands by its students every step of the way, aligning with their visions and aspirations. This comprehensive support system underscores LTS’s dedication to facilitating successful career transitions and fostering the professional growth of its students.

Course Specialisation

LTS specializes in delivering specialized electrical courses customized to meet the unique needs of aspiring electricians. From introductory to advanced levels, the centre offers a comprehensive range of courses tailored to accommodate diverse skill levels and career aspirations. Whether you’re considering a career change, transitioning from school, or seeking to advance your existing skills as an electrician, LTS ensures its courses are finely tuned to address your specific needs and goals. By providing flexible and personalized training options, LTS empowers individuals to embark on a fulfilling journey towards success in the electrical industry.

Dedicated Training Facilities

LTS provides an immersive educational environment with its dedicated training facilities. These cutting-edge spaces are meticulously designed to foster optimal learning conditions, featuring fully-equipped classrooms and hands-on training areas. Students have access to the latest tools and technologies, facilitating experiential learning and skill enhancement. The emphasis on offering top-tier facilities underscores LTS’s commitment to providing a holistic educational experience. Whether students are novices or seasoned professionals, the resources available ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning journey. By prioritizing state-of-the-art facilities, LTS empowers learners to thrive and excel in their educational pursuits, setting them up for success in the dynamic field of electrical work.

Industry-Preferred Curriculum

LTS prioritizes a forward-thinking educational model with its industry-relevant curriculum. Through continuous monitoring of industry trends, the centre ensures that its courses remain in sync with the evolving landscape of electrical work. All certifications issued by LTS adhere strictly to industry standards, providing students with not only the most current and applicable knowledge but also certifications that hold weight and recognition within the electrical industry. This dedication to aligning education with industry requirements positions graduates of LTS for success, arming them with the requisite skills and credentials to excel in the constantly changing field of electrical work. By staying ahead of the curve, LTS empowers its students to confidently navigate the challenges and opportunities present in the dynamic electrical industry landscape.

Flexible Training Options

Recognizing the diverse needs of learners, LTS places a premium on educational flexibility. The institution provides a spectrum of learning avenues, encompassing full-time, part-time, and online courses. This adaptability empowers students to customize their learning journey, accommodating busy schedules and other obligations. LTS’s dedication to flexible learning frameworks guarantees that aspiring electricians, whether juggling work or family commitments, can pursue education without sacrificing excellence. With a variety of learning formats available, students can select the approach that best suits their lifestyle, enhancing accessibility and attainability of education for a wider audience. By prioritizing flexibility, LTS ensures that education remains inclusive and adaptable to the unique circumstances and aspirations of each individual learner.

5* Google Reviews

LTS has garnered widespread acclaim, as evidenced by numerous 5-star reviews on Google Maps. Testimonials showcased on their website underscore the efficacy of the training programs and the invaluable skills acquired by alumni. These glowing reviews not only validate the excellence of LTS’s education but also bolster the institution’s credibility and dedication to student achievement. The positive feedback from former students serves as tangible evidence of the training’s tangible benefits, solidifying LTS’s status as a reputable establishment in the eyes of potential learners and bolstering its favourable reputation within the community. Through its consistent delivery of high-quality education and tangible outcomes, LTS continues to earn the trust and admiration of both current and prospective students alike.


In summary, Learn Trade Skills (LTS) distinguishes itself prominently within the field of electrical training, positioning itself as a premier choice for prospective learners. The centre’s commitment to specialized courses, guaranteed employment support, cutting-edge facilities, and an industry-aligned curriculum underscores its dedication to delivering top-tier education. The familial atmosphere adds a personal dimension, evident in glowing student testimonials lauding LTS for its impactful training programs. LTS not only imparts invaluable skills but also ensures student success through adaptable learning options. Aspiring professionals within the electrical industry can confidently turn to LTS as a beacon of excellence in education, supported by its robust reputation and positive feedback from satisfied students.

To delve deeper into their electrical courses, individuals interested can peruse the extensive information provided on their website at This reinforces LTS’s reputation as a dependable and esteemed institution within the industry.