Celebrity Big Brother live: Remaining 11 housemates set to nominate tonight ahead of next eviction

Gary Goldsmith becomes first Celebrity Big Brother housemate to be evicted

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates are getting ready to nominate again, after the Princess of Wales’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, became the first contestant on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother to be evicted from the house on Friday (8 March).

Months after the reality series titan returned on ITV, the celebrity version has been resurrected in the hopes of emulating the success of the latest civilian series, which was won by Jordan Sangha in November.

Surviving contestants include X Factor judge Louis Walsh– who has already shocked viewers with an “incredibly rude” comment – and Love Island winner Ekin-Su.

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ICYMI: This year’s CBB housemates

Here is the Celebrity Big Brother 2024 housemates – all in one place for your viewing pleasure.

Going by the audience reaction during the live launch, this year’s favourites currently are: Nikita Kuzmin, Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, Marisha Wallace, Levi Roots, Bradley Riches and Fern Britton.

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The music mogul’s former colleagues slammed him, with Osbourne accusing Cowell of scuppering her chance of appearing on The Masked Singer due to an X-Factor obligation.

Osbourne declared she would not work with Cowell for “all the money in the world” and said he “doesn’t know how to keep friends”.

Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh launch into scathing rant about Simon Cowell

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Housemates were left in tears as they shared their fears and regrets in celestial challenge

“Reveal your biggest regret that you need to let go of”, Louis read and asked Bradley to answer the question.

Bradley was left in tears as he said: “Growing up, finding out who I was, trying to understand who I was. But a lot of that time I lied about who I was and it hurt a lot.

“Just shying away from the real fact that I’m gay, I’m autistic and proud of who I am. That’s taken a long time for me to say that. That’s my biggest regret, I wish I never did that to myself.”

Levi cried as Sharon Osbourne revealed she found him inspiring. Marisha said she feels she has to be “strong” and has sacrificed alot to pursue her dreams.

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Watch: Moment first housemate is evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house

Gary Goldsmith became the first person to be evicted after losing out to Lauren Simon in the public vote.

Gary Goldsmith becomes first Celebrity Big Brother housemate to be evicted

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Sharon Osbourne surprises CBB housemates with brutal mockery of Adele: ‘Just sing’

On Thursday (7 March), Osbourne set her sights on Adele, highlighting what she believes to be the “Someone Like You” singer’s exaggerated British accent.

When Kate Middleton’s uncle gary Goldsmith defended the singer, saying he “loved” her candour, Osbourne replied: “It’s like, cut the crap – you don’t talk like that anymore. Just sing, just be true to who you are. But she does all this old English, you know?’

Jacob Stolworthy reports:

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Ekin-Su snaps at Big Brother housemates over Love Island questions

However, she quickly shook off any questions and fans pointed out that she seemed to grow “defensive” when talking about Love Island.

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Sharon Osbourne addresses racism claims as Celebrity Big Brother star says ‘nobody’ will employ her

The 71-year-old opened up to housemates Lauren Simon and Louis Walsh during Thursday’s episode telling them she had been unable to secure a job in America since leaving her CBS show The Talk in 2021.

When asked if she could work on American television now, she replied: “I can legally, but nobody will employ me because they say I’m racist.”

The presenter was removed from her show after defending Piers Morgan over his criticism of the Duchess of Sussex.

Sharon Osbourne insists ‘nobody’ will employ her over racism claims

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Celebrity Big Brother: The most controversial moments

As many high points as the show has had, there have also been moments of high controversy. Here’s a rundown of some of the most memorable…

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Gary Goldsmith shows every family has a black sheep – even the Middletons

As Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith is evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, Katie Rosseinsky writes that the “black sheep” is a family figure everyone recognises.

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Sharon Osbourne reveals she sold her home to Christina Aguilera

The X Factor judge revealed that she sold her house to Christina Aguilera but didn’t tell her that her home was a tourist attraction for sightseeing buses.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Sharon Osbourne calls Adele ‘fake’

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