If you invest in brand development, be ready for competitors to come after your branded traffic. They may have already appeared. In any case, it is helpful to know how to resist them.

Fraud in advertising is deliberate fraudulent actions aimed at making a profit by violating the terms of advertising. As a result of such actions, the brand, affiliate network, and conscientious partners suffer.

How Do You Save Your Brand for Your Traffic?

To prevent your brand name from being stolen by competitors, you need to regularly monitor search results for your branded queries. You can do this manually – enter branded queries into Google and look at the results.

There are several advantages to such a method:

  • you receive up-to-date information for now;
  • you can identify new competitors that you weren’t aware of before.

However, there can also be drawbacks, because:

  • you have to do everything by hand;
  • ads may be disabled at the moment (for example, due to time targeting settings);
  • it is quite challenging to cover all regions.

You can also use the AdFlagger service to monitor, analyze, and block any unwanted ads with your trading brand name to save your profit from competitors. There are also ways to protect your brand name.

Keep your customized campaign for brand queries “in reserve”

If no one is targeting your brand, and you already rank first in organics, then running ads can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of branded traffic. After all, users won’t determine whether it’s an advertisement. They’ll just click on the first result.

On the other hand, a competitor can launch an advertisement and take first place in the search results. This can be unpleasant.

It is recommended to keep a customized campaign for your brand requests for a quick response. If necessary, you can launch it quickly. But this approach works only if you regularly monitor your results or use the AdFlagger service.

Complain if competitors exploit your brand

Google has no problem with this at all – fill out the form, submit it, and get the result.

Maintain a high percentage of impressions at the top position

For a branded search campaign, this indicator is very important. You should have first place in auction statistics, with a percentage of impressions on the top line of more than 90%.

If competitors are getting higher impressions at the top, increase your bid and improve your ads and landing pages.

Benefits of Investing in AntiFraud System

It is important to effectively handle the traffic associated with your brand in the competitive environment of affiliate marketing. To achieve this, it is essential to apply services like AdFlagger to keep a campaign ready for launch and respond assertively to competitors who may try to exploit your brand.

AdFlagger is a unique opportunity to detect and ban the display of ads that use your brand’s name to protect your business reputation and save your budget.

With AdFlagger’s ads analytics dashboard, brands can stand out from competitors by tracking their activity and measuring the effect of AdFlagger on their results.

To sum up, don’t hesitate to use such a service. Let your brand name stay protected.