Six Nations controversy as Italy pen 'should be re-taken’ after evidence emerges

“Two infractions… in my opinion the ref should have taken control there and given at least 60 seconds for the kick to be taken and ensured the French players stayed standing still.”

But the infringement was not picked up by the officiating team and instead of having another kick at goal, Garbisi was forced to hold his head in his hands in disbelief at how close Italy came to making history.

Despite a seemingly costly error from the officiating team, Garbisi took the blame for his missed effort in an apology to the Italian fans. “I was thinking about trusting my process really, it’s part of my job to put the kick over,” he said.

“I take full responsibility for that and I’m sorry for the team because I thought they were amazing. Also for all the Italian supporters, that’s my bad, and I will work on it.”