Martin Brundle gives savage verdict on Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari move

Martin Brundle gives savage verdict on Lewis Hamilton's Ferrari move

Martin Brundle brutally insists he ‘doesn’t buy’ Lewis Hamilton’s claim that leaving Mercedes will be ‘emotional’. The seven-time world champion will end a successful 11-year stay with the Silver Arrows when he moves to Ferrari next year.

Hamilton has won six of his seven world titles at Mercedes. Now 39, he had been expected to retire with the team and his decision to switch to Ferrari in 2025 came as a shock when the announcement was made a fortnight ago.

However, Sky Sports pundit Brundle believes Hamilton will be happy to depart in 12 months’ time. The opportunity to battle for another World Championship after his struggles with Mercedes in recent years – coupled with his contract and media attention – will override any negative feelings about his departure, he says.

“I don’t buy all of this, ‘It’s going to be emotional leaving’,” the former driver said.

“Lewis is a winning machine and that’s what he wants to do. It’s a good contract, he’ll be paid a lot of money, get a lot of love, and it will be one of global sport’s biggest stories in 2025.”

Brundle thinks Hamilton’s exit will benefit all parties. Mercedes will be able to move on from trying to help the 39-year-old win a record ninth Drivers’ Championship.

George Russell will thrive as the main driver, Brundle says, while Mercedes will be able to bide their time before finding Hamilton’s replacement. Toto Wolff has a year to sign the best possible partner for Russell, who at times has struggled in Hamilton’s shadow.

Meanwhile, Ferrari will be ‘energised’ by the arrival of the former McLaren driver.

Brundle continued: “The teams are slightly disingenuous when they tell you about new contract signings, because they only tell you edited highlights that suit them. Clearly, they forgot to mention that Hamilton had an exit clause, which he has chosen to take very early indeed.

“I see everybody’s got an opportunity here. George Russell has got the shiny confidence, the talent, confidence and speed, to pick up the mantle and be the number one driver. I have no doubt about that at all.

“I think it will energise Mercedes, losing Lewis, and it will be an opportunity for them to act in haste, repent at leisure. They can wait and see [on Hamilton’s replacement]. Why do they need to jump now?

“It will energise Ferrari, Charles Leclerc as well, and certainly us watching it. I don’t really see any downside there.”