Australian Open LIVE as Novak Djokovic’s hopes crushed by Jannik Sinner

Australian Open LIVE as Novak Djokovic's hopes crushed by Jannik Sinner

Jannik Sinner has revealed that Novak Djokovic gave him advice on how to develop as a player, which has come back to haunt the 24-time Grand Slam champion.

During his post-match interview on court, Jim Courier asked Sinner how he had been able to get the better of Djokovic before the Italian Sinner responded: “Ask him.”

Courier then recalled a story about how Djokovic was asked about Sinner’s game only a few years ago. “It’s funny that you say ask him because when you played him for the first time in Monte Carlo in 2021 your coach at the time did ask him,” he said. “He went to him after the match and he said, Can you tell me a few things that maybe Jannik can work on to improve?”

“And Novak, because he’s a great sportsman, he did. He told your coach three or four different things. Do you remember what those things were at the time, did your coach even tell you? Because I’ve heard the story but I’ve not heard you talk about it.” Sinner confirmed this.

The star explained: “This story is true and I had the chance already when I was younger, 17, 16 to practice with him in Monaco. And I think already there the process of trying to learn from the best players in the world started. Then obviously the match is different, he told me after the match try to move the ball a little bit more, not being a little bit predictable.

“So we are trying to do that, Obviously the serve has improved a lot but still I have the feeling that I still can improve a lot and that’s why I have a great team behind me to keep pushing.”