Sascha Zverev’s frosty press conference in full after domestic abuse trial set

Sascha Zverev's frosty press conference in full after domestic abuse trial set

In October, a Berlin court issued Zverev with a penalty order and fines amounting to 450,000 euros (£387,000) after he was accused of “bodily harm” against his ex-girlfriend. The 26-year-old contested the order, meaning the case will now go to a public trial set for May 31, which falls during the French Open.

Under German law, Zverev is legally innocent until a final ruling. He does not have to attend the court in person and can be represented by his lawyer. The world No. 6 was quizzed over the trial following his first-round Australian Open win on Tuesday, and whether it was appropriate to continue his new role after being elected to the ATP Player Council.

Zverev answered just four questions in English, giving snappy answers. Read the full press conference below.

Q. Can I ask about the trial in Germany? Do you think it’s appropriate to continue on the ATP players council while that case is underway?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Why would it not be?

Q. Well, there’s obviously a question mark about your judgment, and the court will decide.


Q. You have the confidence of your fellow players to continue in that role?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I think so. Nobody has said anything to me. I don’t have a reason not to believe that.

Q. There are some people around saying you shouldn’t be playing at all, let alone be in a leadership position. What are your thoughts about that?

ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Like who? Journalists are saying that, some, who are actually interested more in this story to write about and more about the clicks than the actual truth.