what are the options available to you?

Decorating with mosaics is a fascinating formula to change the atmosphere of any space, regardless of whether we are talking about interiors or exteriors.

We are talking about a versatile element, which means that you can find many options to create unique and personalized designs.

Since ancient civilizations, mosaics have been used to add a distinctive touch to walls, floors and various architectural elements.

Now we have much more modern options, such as L’Antic Colonial’s mosaic tiles. Check out the options available for decorating your home with mosaics and you’ll see how you can find the style you want

Inspirational ideas for decorating with mosaics

Mosaics in bathrooms and kitchens

Mosaics are ideal to use in places where the humidity is high, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Coat the shower walls with a mosaic design that adds texture and style and you’ll notice it every time you’re in those places.

For the kitchen, you can go for a backsplash-style mosaic to add color and personality to this functional space. Considering the time we spend there, it will certainly give a very pleasant mental break.

Change the style of a plain wall

Turn a dull wall into a work of art by using mosaics.

A good idea is to create an abstract mural or use geometric patterns to bring life to a room.

Wall mosaics can create a stunning focal point in living rooms, bedrooms or common areas. They are also perfect for seamlessly integrating into the decoration of a space and/or with existing elements.

By choosing the right material and style, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Floors with a style of their own

Mosaic floors make a style statement on their own.

You can shape a unique pattern on the floor or use mosaics to outline specific areas, such as in a dining area or open kitchen.

You can also try to create a theme on the floor using mosaics: a good place to do this is in a garden, recreating mosaics that can represent flowers, leaves or elements that are related to nature. This way you will provide a fresh and organic touch to this special space.

Custom furniture

Why limit yourself to walls and floors? The truth is that mosaics can also look good on some furniture such as tables, countertops or other furniture to give them a unique look. Due to the characteristics of the material, they can even adapt to rainy environments or extreme weather conditions.

Renovate an old piece of furniture with a mosaic tile design to add a touch of functional art to your home. There are many options available using this idea: just be creative, look for inspiration on the Internet, and you could even use that piece of furniture that you no longer have use for because it has become boring or is broken.

Functional mosaics

It is not a type of decoration that is usually used in a house, but it is important to keep them in mind.

In addition to being decorative, mosaics can be functional. They could be used as signage in commercial or public spaces, or create designs on walls that also act as chalkboards for notes or messages.

Due to their resistance to wear and tear, climate elements and other properties, they can be integrated into different environments and remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Outdoor decoration

Would you like to change the decoration of an outdoor space? Mosaics could be the idea you’ve been looking for.

Try experimenting with shapes, colors, and materials. Mix different types of tiles or combine ceramic with glass to create a unique design. Don’t be afraid to explore your creativity and create something truly original.

It is important to go for a good brand as they will not only provide you with the best materials, but can also offer advice on whether your decorating idea is doable or if you need to change any details.


You can also consider decorating ceilings with mosaics to add a stunning visual element. From subtle designs to complex patterns, ceiling mosaics can turn a space into a remarkable visual experience.

This can be very interesting in areas such as foyers or master bedrooms, adding a touch of luxury and originality.

Ultimately, mosaics offer endless possibilities within the field of decoration. Whether indoors or outdoors, large or small projects, mosaics can transform any space into a unique and personalized work of art. It’s time to unleash your creativity and think about how they can help you: with these ideas you can easily do it.