Alex Scott fires shots at Joey Barton after he called out women in football

Alex Scott fires shots at Joey Barton after he called out women in football

TV presenter and ex-footballer delivered a pointed message to live on the following the former man’s rant about women working in football. Scott, who boasts more than a century of caps for the Lionesses, has forged a successful broadcasting career since retiring from professional football.

Barton kicked off his controversial rant by stating that women should be prevented from speaking with authority on men’s football based on the notion that it is a ‘completely different game’.

He continued by stating: “I cannot take a thing they say seriously in the men’s arena,” and “Any man who listens to women commentary or co-comms needs their heads testing.”

After hosting Arsenal’s 4-1 Women’s Super League win over Chelsea on Sunday, Scott delivered a heartfelt message live on the BBC. And although she did not mention Barton by name, it is crystal clear what and who the former Gunners defender was referring to.

“Just before we say goodbye… To all the women in football, in front of the camera or behind it, the players on the pitch, to everyone that attends games – keep being the role models that you continue to be,” she said.

“To all those young girls that are told ‘no you can’t’, football is a better place with us all in it. Goodbye.” Scott racked up 140 caps for the Lionesses during a distinguished playing career.

“Makes no difference what questions you ask. How you present. As long as you look ok. I’m bothered about the female footballers who aren’t good enough players to comment on the male players because they don’t understand the game.

“They are taking men’s jobs that are good enough. They are taking their opportunities. Taking food out of their families’ mouths. When those men have done the hard yards.”