What are the benefits of a National Trust Membership?

A National Trust Membership is a membership program in a national organisation that is dedicated to preserving and conserving natural and cultural heritage sites, such as historic buildings, landscapes, and prominent natural areas.

These organisations work towards the protection and maintenance of these natural heritage sites in order to preserve them for the present and future generations.

By being a member of the National Trust, you not only contribute towards the conservation of national heritage but also gain several benefits.

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to specifically discuss all the important benefits of this national trust membership so stay with us till the end.

Benefits of National Trust Membership

The members of the National Trust Organisation are required to pay a certain amount, either annually or monthly, in order to support the organisation. In response to this, they are entitled to various benefits, which include the following:

  • If you are one of those explorers eager to explore places, National Trust Membership gives you the liberty to visit more than 500 sites owned and managed by the National Trust, free of charge. So, whether you opt for hiking in those mountains or prefer to read the stories behind those old palaces, you’ll be given plenty of places to choose from.
  • You will also get the benefit of free parking at a number of National Trust Car Parks. In fact, this advantage of National Trust Membership has attracted more members.
  • You will be given a National Trust Handbook that will have detailed information on the places the National Trust looks after.
  • You will also be sent a National Trust magazine thrice a year full of interviews, news, and inspiration.
  • You will get access to the member-only events, tours, or activities organised by the trust exclusively for its members.
  • National Trust often organises and engages in educational Outreach programs to raise awareness about the importance of the conservation and preservation of natural and cultural heritage.

National Trust Membership Options

There is a range of membership options available if you want to be a National Trust Member. However, it might not be possible for you to be eligible for all of them.

Below are the various membership options:

Adult Membership – People aged 26 or above can apply for this membership. You can either opt for the yearly plan of £84 or a monthly plan of £7.

Young Person’s Membership – People in the age group of 18-25 can opt for this membership. The yearly plan costs £42, and the monthly plan costs £3.50.

Junior Membership – Children under the age of 17 are eligible for this membership. Kids under the age of 5 can go without any membership. This does not have a monthly plan and is priced at £10 a year.

Joint Membership – Adults aged 18 or above residing at the same address are eligible for this membership. This is priced at £139.20 a year and £11.60 a month.

Family Membership (One adult) – Looking for a family membership from the National Trust? This membership allows One adult (aged 18+) and their children or grandchildren (17 or below). Children under five can go free.

Family membership (Two adults) – Two adults aged 18 or above residing at the same address along with their children or grandchildren (17 or below). Kids below five can go free.

Lifetime Membership Options

The other option is to go for a lifetime membership, wherein you will be required to make one lump-sum payment. This will entitle you to the benefits of national Trust Membership for the rest of your life.

The prices for this are high, and you’ll need to make a hefty payment. Below is a detailed list of different types of lifetime membership options:

  • Individual Life Membership –  £2020.
  • Individual Life Membership (Senior) – £1,510
  • Joint Life Membership – £2520
  • Joint Life Membership (senior) – £1,895
  • Family Life Membership – £2,640


Is everything free with a National Trust membership?

As a National Trust Member, you can enjoy free access to more than 500 places, which are managed by the Trust. In addition to that, you’ll be given a magazine, handbook, and free parking at most National Trust Car Parks.

Can anyone use your National Trust Membership?

The National Trust Membership may not be transferable, and members are not permitted to allow anyone else to use their membership card.

Can we pay monthly?

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. The amount differs depending on the type of membership you are choosing and are eligible for.


By being a member of the National Trust Membership, you not only get the opportunity to explore the cultural and natural heritage of the country but also contribute towards the preservation and conservation of these sites.

The National Trust works towards keeping these places alive for the country and for its people.  Donations, membership plans, etc., eventually contribute towards keeping these places worth visiting.

The benefits of this membership not only include your personal interest but also act as a contribution towards nature. However, the membership plans stated above are true to my knowledge; they may be subject to fluctuations at any time. It is recommended to keep yourself updated with the recent happenings of the National Trust and then move forward with the decision.