Department for Business & Trade delegation land in UAE to promote international collaboration at COP28

The Department for Business & Trade’s (DBT’s) delegation has landed in the United Arab Emirates to promote international collaboration and address COP28 on the world’s most pressing climate issues.

The delegation will address representatives from attending countries on key topics such as the role of technology in both adding to and reducing carbon emissions, environmental reporting standards, the sustainable energy transition, as well as sustainable finance.

Among the Department of Business & Trade’s delegation are video content management provider Ad Signal, power solutions provider Dale Power Solutions, SSG Environmental and several other industry leaders.

Speaking from COP28, Tom Dunning, CEO and Founder of Ad Signal, said: “The climate crisis requires urgent global action and I’m proud to be a part of the UK delegation with DBT to be at the forefront of the solution. Collectively we are sleepwalking towards environmental damage that will take hundreds of years to counterbalance unless progress is made at events like COP.”

“A sector such as technology can provide part of the solution for the climate problem, using data and analytics to support with measurement and consequently action to help reduce emissions. But what many don’t realise is that data centres and network traffic, 70 per cent of which is video, contribute to 2.3-3.7 per cent of global carbon emissions. Content growth and the increase of data, fuelled by AI, means that the technology is on a worrying trajectory to cause significant environmental harm.”

“It is vital that we, as a country and a society, work alongside world leaders to encourage them to make sustainable technology choices and raise awareness of this growing issue. Tech solutions that can remove duplicate content and reduce carbon emissions, such as Ad Signal, already exist and the benefits can have a huge impact on digital sustainability.”

The delegation will network, address and collaborate with major climate players through to December 7th, exploring ways in which the UK can reduce its carbon emissions, take action towards net zero targets and build relationships for international collaboration.