Snooker scores and UK Championship updates with Ronnie O’Sullivan in action

Snooker scores and UK Championship updates with Ronnie O'Sullivan in action

Ronnie O’Sullivan has confessed he is ‘feeling old’ and hinted that retirement from snooker may not be far off.

Despite booking his spot in the semi-final of the UK Championship and being the World No 1, O’Sullivan has hypothesised leaving the sport behind to take up a new one.

Speaking after his narrow win over Zhou, he said: “I’m really hard on myself for my age. You feel quite old out there playing.

“I think shall I go and play Chinese eight-ball pool. I like being in China. I’ve got to see if my sponsors are cool with it, if they’re alright with it then it’s an easier gig for me.

“It’s a smaller table, the players aren’t as good so you can get away with it. You bring a snooker skill to pool then you’re ahead of the game as this is technically the harder sport.

“You get to a point, I don’t want to be a sad-case out there. You look at them and think ‘he’s done mate’. You see that with older players, you think ‘just stop’. It’s going to come at some point, I don’t want it to happen.

“I still love playing pool, billiards, all cue sports. It’s about making the decision at the right time. I love snooker but when you’re out there playing these young guys who are really hungry it just doesn’t stop.

“They’re like grand-children to me and it’s tough. At some point it’s done and dusted. I don’t want to be going on too long and flogging a dead horse.”