Abu Dhabi GP LIVE – Hamilton battles to overturn qualifying misery

Abu Dhabi GP LIVE - Hamilton battles to overturn qualifying misery

Verstappen gave the stewards cause for concern ahead of Saturday’s action at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Race director Niels Wittich was forced to declare overtaking in the pit lane as prohibited outside of extenuating circumstances after Verstappen caused chaos with his actions during Friday’s second practice session.

Verstappen found himself in the headlines for the wrong reasons on Friday following some impatient overtaking manoeuvres in the pit lane.

The reigning world champion was in a rush to get out on track at the start of FP2, attempting to barge past both Mercedes drivers in the underpass.

After moving past George Russell he came across his team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the middle of the pit lane, moving onto the outside kerb in an attempt to get around the seven-time world champion. 

In doing so, Verstappen nearly made contact with the outside wall as he risked damage to his RB19 to gain track position.

Having moved past both Mercedes cars, the Dutchman then pulled the same trick on Alpine driver Pierre Gasly before settling into his place in the queue.

Explaining his role in the pit-exit incidents, Verstappen said: “They have to move! They are all driving slow and I want to go out because we are all limited on time and they just keep on driving in the middle.

“Then I went to pass, they try to squeeze me in the wall. So a bit silly.”