Tiffany Haddish arrested after reportedly falling asleep behind wheel of car

Tiffany Haddish has been arrested after she was reportedly found asleep behind the wheel of her stopped car in Beverly Hills, California.

The 43-year-old comedian was found by police slumped over the wheel of her stopped vehicle with the engine still running on early Friday (24 November) morning, according to reports. The night before, Haddish had been performing at comedy club The Laugh Factory for their annual free Thanksgiving event in West Hollywood.

In footage published by TMZ, two police officers can be seen escorting Haddish in handcuffs to the back of the squad car.

The Afterparty star had not been involved in an accident when officers reportedly received a call around 5:45am local time. Haddish was charged with driving under the influence, the Beverly Hills Police Department confirmed to The Independent.

The Independent has contacted Haddish’s representative for comment.

In January 2022, Haddish was arrested for a similar incident in Atlanta, Georgia, after she was found asleep at the wheel on a highway. Police officers believed she had been under the influence of marijuana and charged her with a DUI. She only remained in police custody for a few hours after posting $1,666 (£1,218) bond, with her trial scheduled to take place next month.

Later that year, Haddish and fellow comedian Aries Spears were accused of child sexual abuse by a 22-year-old woman. Under the pseudonym Jane Doe, the woman alleged that the actors had forced her and her 15-year-old brother separately to perform inappropriate acts on camera when they were both children.

(Getty Images FOR ESSENCE)

Representatives for Haddish and Spears denied the allegations in separate statements. On 20 September, Doe asked the judge to dismiss the case, which they agreed to. However, in an interview shortly after the dismissal, Haddish claimed that the damage to her career had already been done.

“I lost everything,” she told TMZ at the time. “All my gigs, gone. Everything, gone… I don’t have no job. I don’t have no job, bro.”

In the year since Haddish was accused of sexual abuse, she has starred in several projects, including the sci-fi comedy Landscape with Invisible Hand, Disney’s family horror comedy The Haunted Mansion, and the second season of Apple TV+’s whodunnit series The Afterparty.

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