Interesting films about racing drivers

Cars flooded people’s lives in the late 19th century and gradually became an integral part of every person’s environment.

Because of this, there began to appear lovers of speed and competition – racers, about whom many interesting films were made.

Race (2013)

A film directed by Ron Howard about one of the most important and famous championships called Formula 1. This is the largest racing competition in Europe, which has excited the minds of viewers with its speed for many years. During the tournaments, as in any sport, there were many famous confrontations and conflicts. The film was based on a conflict from the 70s. It involved two legends of the time: English pilot James Hunt and Austrian racer Nick Lauda. Even safe nz casinos offer slots dedicated to these athletes.

The story has no pompousness and pathos in it, just a severe struggle, high speed and battle on the road. The difference between these men was visible to the naked eye. Even in their style of communication the difference was colossal. Whilst James partied and partied, was a jolly little chap and very kind, Nick socialized seriously, was disciplined and tough. Since Lauda was a ward of the Ferrari team, coupled with his character, he was the main favorite for the season.

But at one of the races in Germany there was a terrible accident, in which even caught the car on fire. The Austrian missed a few weeks and even began to lose the title to Hunt. At the end of the season, there is one race left that will decide everything.

Ford vs Ferrari (2019)

A great film came out from the pen of American director James Mangold and tells about the incredible event that took place at the European championship “24 Hours of Le Mans”. At the center of the racing conflict were two famous and important sports brands, namely Ford and Ferrari. However, as befits such stories, there was a favorite in the battle. Ferrari had repeatedly won tournaments and nobody believed that their opponent, who at that time was an absolute beginner and debutant in the sport, would be able to do anything to them.

Henry Ford II came to the conclusion that he needed a team before entering the sport and tried to buy Ferrari, but they turned him down. Then the hurt and offended owner of the company hires two talented racers and mechanics Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles. Their task includes not only the race itself, but also the creation and modification of a bolide for the track.

The new brainchild was named Ford GT-40. It would seem that the guys have enough work, but the careless manager Leo Beebe puts sticks in the wheels of the team and tries to kick out the newcomers because he just did not like them. The film asks the question. Can a knowingly weak opponent defeat the favorite if he has sufficient preparation? The answer has already been given by history, and the film will demonstrate it in all its glory.

Days of Thunder (1990)

A film about NASCAR races, shot by the talented American director Tony Scott. The difference between this version of the competition and many others is that closed-wheel cars are used. This is a very popular tournament, in which more than one generation of fans of fast driving participated.

The main character of the film is a young Cole Trickle. A newcomer to the craft, who has a strong desire to stand out and show himself in this sport in all its glory. Previously, he has already performed in this in races, but only on bolides. In order not to disgrace himself and not to hit the dirt, the young man is looking for a good mentor who will help him to win in the future. After a lengthy dialogue, Harry Hogg became his mentor. He had previously competed in NASCAR for many years in a row and built an array of cars. But after his mentee died during an accident – he quit the sport.

At first, the partners had difficulties, but as soon as they were overcome and the lapping stage was over, the team began to win every race they got to. It would seem that victory is in the pocket. But the experienced veteran Rowdy Burns stood in the way of the championship. He is not going to give up for nothing, because he wants to win no less than the young talent. This conflict ended in an accident, in which Cole damaged his car and lost the chance to win. After a long rehabilitation and with the help of the support of his favourite woman, the guy copes with all the hardships and starts his career with a clean slate.