Lewis Hamilton 'played role in Mercedes exit' as Verstappen doubles down

Lewis Hamilton ‘played role in Mercedes exit’ as Verstappen doubles down

Max Verstappen has doubled down on his criticism of sprint races.

Drivers will compete in another sprint race at the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend.

“We should just get rid of the sprint weekend and then everyone can just set up their cars normally.

“It wouldn’t have happened that we would have had a normal race weekend.

“These things only happen when you have a sprint weekend where everything is so rushed into your in-between FP1 and qualifying.

“From our side, I think we went a bit too conservative, but that’s still better than the other way.”

It comes months after the Dutchman threatened to retire if changes kept being made to the F1 schedule, with more sprint races added.

He said at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix: “I don’t find that is in the DNA of Formula One to do these kind of sprint races. I hope there won’t be too many changes, otherwise I won’t be around for too long.

“I am not a fan of it at all. When we do all that kind of stuff, the weekend becomes very intense and we already do a lot of races.”