England star makes RFU plea as Red Roses set to 'topple' South Africa

England star makes RFU plea as Red Roses set to ‘topple’ South Africa

As the dust settles after South Africa’s Rugby World Cup triumph there are still major developments going on in the immediate aftermath. Chiefly, the departure of Australia head coach Eddie Jones following a disastrous tournament that saw the Wallabies fail to qualify for the quarterfinals for the first time in the country’s history.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Jones resigned on Sunday after ten tumultuous months in charge. Speaking to the Australian newspaper about his exit, Jones said: “[I] gave it a run. Hopefully, be the catalyst for change. Sometimes you have to eat s*** for others to eat caviar further down the track.”

Jones has been linked with a move back to Japan to coach the national team but when asked what he would do next Jones insisted he would “sit for a while” before making any decisions. “I sit for [a] while,” he said. “Spend some time with [my wife] Hiroko. We have had to live apart essentially last year. It’s been tough.”

Jones spent two stints with the Cherry Blossoms. Firstly, as an assistant coach in 1996 followed by a three-year stay as head coach from 2012 to 2015. He won four Asian Cups and a Pacific Nations cup during his time at the helm.