Rugby World Cup LIVE: England vs South Africa ref change as 'illegal move identified' | Rugby | Sport

Rugby World Cup LIVE: England vs South Africa ref change as ‘illegal move identified’ | Rugby | Sport

Former England star Martin Corry has called on Steve Borthwick’s side to “strange” South Africa in their attempt to reach the World Cup final.

Corry believes that the Springbok will make mistakes if England put them under pressure, where they can “capitalise” going forward.

“As France showed, because of the way South Africa plays, England will get opportunities,” he told Genting Casino. “They do make mistakes and it is about how quickly and ruthlessly we can capitalise on them.

“No side has really tried to strangle South Africa. If you go out and try and play rugby against them on paper, they are the better side. But if you go out to strangle them, not give them a front foot ball, have broken field situations, take the ball out of an area where they can physically dominate.

“Don’t give them that opportunity. England need to play their way. The team has had way too much stick on the way they have played the games so far. They are finding their way in terms of what to do to win Test match rugby.

“If that means it’s going to be a territory-based game and for England to keep on the pressure on constantly, then they can impose themselves and say, ‘We are not going to allow you, South Africa, to play the game you want to. This is the England way and what we do.” It will be really interesting to see how they respond to that.”