Moment woman leaves shoppers flabbergasted when she turns up to the supermarket ‘naked’

NO ONE is expecting you to dress to the nines for a trip to the supermarket, however, they probably do expect you to get dressed.

However, one woman appeared to forgo this expectation when she left fellow shoppers aghast when she turned up to do the food shop ‘naked.’


A woman raised a few eyebrows when she arrived at the supermarket ‘without her bottom half’Credit: @Reddit

In the viral photo, which has been shared on Reddit, the shopper appears to have turned up to do her weekly shop sans her bottom half, with her bare bottom seemingly on display.

But it isn’t all as it seems as the woman was in fact wearing a pair of flesh coloured leggings making her bottom half appear naked.

The photo was enough to fool plenty of people, however, with many convinced the shopper was totally naked.

Commenting on the Reddit post, one wrote: “Are we sure she’s not naked from the waist down with tan socks?”

“This picture gave me instant anxiety,” wrote another, “We’ve all had that nightmare right???”

Meanwhile a third added: “Not much needs to be imagined here…”

Despite the fact that the nude leggings caused a stir, they seem to be a popular style choice at the moment.

One woman wore a pair to the gym, and certainly gave workout fans something to look at.

Alongside a low-back cream top, Bethy wore a pair of leggings that were so close to her natural skintone that it made it look like she was naked.

“Please never wear them again, you’re going to give people heart attacks thinking you’re going around bare a**ed,” someone commented on the video.

To which Bethy hit back: “They are pink! Look at my arms!”

“No! No! No! plz dnt wear again. they look like ur bare a*s naked,” one wrote.

“I seriously thought you was naked at first!” another added.

While another sported a bikini on a boat that made it look as though she’d forgotten her bottoms.

Lyuchana, who also self-styles as a singer, has thousands of people talking about her outfit choice for a day on a yacht.

Viewers joked that they “must be drunk” or “going blind” watching Lyuchana’s video.