Big Brother fans left confused by Kerry’s reaction to being booed during Zak’s eviction

Big Brother viewers have been left confused by Kerry’s reaction to getting booed by the crowd.

The NHS manager, who was reprimanded by the show’s producers earlier this week, received a negative response form the audience during the latest live eviction episode.

On Friday (29 October), one week after Farida’s eviction, food writer Henry faced model Zak in the second public vote of the rebooted series, which is airing on ITV2.

While hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best spoke to the house during the live episode, Henry was cheered with Zak’s name receiving some boos. The latter then became the latest housemate to be evicted.

However, during the silence before Odudu and Best revealed Zak had been evcited, the crowd could be heard chanting “Get Kerry out”, which did not go unnoticed by the housemates.

During the livestream, which airs daily for up to five hours on ITV2, fans could hear Kerry addressing this reaction, and sharing what she believes to be the reasoning for such a reaction.

NHS worker Kerry said she thinks the show’s audience have turned against her for “speaking her mind in the Diary Room” about Zak and for “being vocal that she wanted Henry to stay”.

Viewers have been left confused by this explanation, though, considering the audience liked Henry enough to keep him in – and that his actual friends in the house, including Jordan, Trish and Yinrun, did not receive such a response.

“How is Kerry trying to pretend that the reason she was booed is because she’s a fan of henry as if they’re friendly like at all,” one fan asked, adding: “Why would they boo her over Jordan or another of Henry’s actual friends if that was the case?”

Another fan expressed hope that producers who keep the housemates’s “’why Kerry was booed’ chatter” in the edit of the next episode, which will air on Sunday (22 October).

‘Big Brother’ housemate Kerry


The boos from the crowd became a staple of the show in the Channel 4 days, but it seemed, after the first eviction night of the rebooted series, that the crowd were being more reticent to share their true feelings about the housemates.

This came after Odudu and Best shared a PSA-style video ahead of the new series urging viewers to be kind to the new crop of housemates.

Big Brother recap shows air nightly, except for Saturdays, on ITV2.