From Employee to Owner of a Corporation (Setl Group)

Shubarev Maxim is the founder of one of the country’s most successful construction corporations, a philanthropist, and a public figure. He is a member of several professional communities and has been awarded industry accolades.

Names:  Shubarev Maxim · Shubarev Maxim Valerevich · Maxim Valerevich Shubarev · Maxim Shubarev · Maksim Shubarev · Shubarev Maksim · Shubarev Maksim Valerievich · Maksim Valerievich Shubarev · Шубарев Максим · Максим Валерьевич Шубарев · Шубарев Максим Валерьевич · Максим Шубарев

Maxim Shubarev: Becoming a specialist

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev was born in 1968 in the city on the Neva. His father worked at one of the leading enterprises for the production of advanced radio-electronic equipment. Among other things, Valery Shubarev was involved in developing the technology for optical video disks. In 1989, he received a state award and later headed a scientific-production association. The mother of Shubarev Maxim worked as an engineer-technologist at a shipbuilding enterprise and later moved into management positions.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich graduated from high school in 1985. He hoped to pursue a career in the military, but there was a year left before he could be drafted. Shubarev Maxim wanted to live independently during this time and began working as a radio-electronic equipment assembler at a scientific-production enterprise. The future developer also enrolled in evening classes at an institute for aviation instrument engineering. Then, from 1986 to 1989, he served in the navy.

Maxim Shubarev says that after his mandatory military service, it was like he returned to a completely different country, which prompted him to drastically reassess his priorities, and he eventually decided to continue his education in the field of production management economics at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. It was during this period that his leadership qualities began to show. For instance, he organized a committee that helped students participate in international internships and student exchanges.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich graduated from college as a certified engineer-economist in 1993. At that time, he already held a managerial position at the radio-electronics enterprise where he had started working as an assembler several years earlier.

Shubarev Maxim: Start of an entrepreneurial career

Maxim Shubarev turned his attention in 1994 to a new area of entrepreneurial activity for the country – the construction business. The sphere of private financing in development was just forming and was opening up broad prospects. The new company finished its first project in a tight timeframe, developing a residential building left unfinished by a previous company. Shubarev Maxim Valerevich notes that as a result, both those who had been waiting for housing for years and those who contributed to the construction as shareholders were able to move into new apartments. The project was completed within a year.

Shubarev Maxim considered earning clients’ trust to be one of the main objectives of the business policy he was shaping. 100% fulfillment of obligations towards partners and customers was the unique code of honor and credo of the Petersburg Real Estate construction company. Virtually all the money earned by the company’s management was invested back into the business. The close-knit team became more professional and efficient, which helped Maxim Valerevich Shubarev grow the company into a corporation in just five years.

In 2006, Petersburg Real Estate changed its name to Setl Group. Maxim Shubarev believes that the times required a new approach to construction — customer demands were increasing, such that a serious developer no longer simply builds and sells buildings, but now they create an entire environment designed for maximum comfort. The corporation dynamically developed in the 2000s, becoming a significant player in the developer business in the Northwestern region of the country. In 2010, Setl Group became one of the first construction companies in the domestic market to develop large territories.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev: Principles of effective management

Maxim Shubarev continued to lead his corporation to new heights and by 2016, it was the third largest developer in the entire country in terms of volume of work. Since 2017, the financial-industrial association has annually constructed more than 1 million square meters of real estate. Efficient growth was facilitated by deliberate work on the optimal organization of all stages of construction.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich recalls that when the company opened its own real estate agency, this new approach to the sale of buildings, revolutionary for the time, greatly contributed to the stable development of the company. The real estate agency allowed management to receive up-to-date information on the requests of potential buyers, identify promising areas for development, and better plan its development activity.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev believes that it’s counter-productive for a company to spread itself too thin – rather, the best results come from focusing on one’s own strengths. For this reason, the holding has never ventured into producing its own building materials or any other related fields.

Shubarev Maxim considers one of the most significant achievements of his company to be the creation of a highly professional management team. Notably, not a single person in the management of the complex structure came from outside — all senior managers grew up within the corporation. The financial-industrial group currently has over 2,000 employees working in various departments.

Under the management of Maxim Shubarev, Setl Group has become an undisputed leader among developers in the Northern Capital. The corporation continues to systematically increase its work volumes, and today, Setl Group has over 11 million square meters of constructed facilities, all located in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region, Kaliningrad, and Svetlogorsk. The development company constructs business-class residential complexes, standard multi-story buildings, hotels, social facilities, and infrastructure projects.

In 2020, Setl Group was recognized as one of the country’s vital companies.

Shubarev Maxim Valerevich: Social and charitable initiatives

Shubarev Maxim ensures that his company adheres to modern ecological standards in its work, which includes creating a comfortable environment for residents. Setl Group develops new walking and recreational areas, as well as children’s playgrounds made with natural materials. The company also uses differentiated waste collection, advanced energy-efficient technologies, and drinking water purification. In accordance with the new greenery concept, the holding managed by Maxim Shubarev plants large trees of various species in the areas it develops. All of the company’s construction projects undergo strict quarterly environmental monitoring.

Maxim Shubarev-Setl Group allocates tens of millions of rubles annually for charitable purposes. Over the past few years, the financial-industrial association has contributed to the repair and equipping of educational institutions and medical organizations, the designing and building of an Orthodox church, and also helped to purchase special equipment for a fund supporting people with speech and motor impairments. In addition, the company has assisted sports organizations, orphanages, and other non-profit structures. The holding’s employees regularly collect funds and purchase food, medicines, and other necessities for animal shelters.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev also involves the company in the construction of social facilities, commissioning about ten new schools and kindergartens each year and helping to resettle residents from hazardous buildings.

Setl Group also contributes to education, providing internships for students and young professionals, and organizing various tours, lectures, and online meetings.

Maxim Shubarev: Setl Group restores historic buildings

Maxim Shubarev is particularly interested in preserving the historical buildings of the Northern Capital. Thus, at its own expense, the company has undertaken commitments to restore a number of objects, including the Vega mansion, one of the manufacturing buildings of the Kinovievsky ultramarine factory, and a rope workshop. The company is also interested in protecting the city center, says Maxim Shubarev. Setl Group began restoration work on the buildings of the former iron foundry in 2021, managing not only to preserve the water tower but also the configuration of the walls.

Maxim Valerevich Shubarev emphasizes that every object of architectural or historical value requires personalized management and unique solutions. For example, in the case of the rope workshop, a three-story internal atrium was created, and an observation deck was opened in the water tower.

Shubarev Maxim also contributed to the reconstruction of another iconic structure – the mansion of the industrialist Felix Chopin. The building, managed by a bronze foundry that produced many historically valuable structures (including the doors of the Christ the Savior Cathedral), was demolished in the 2000s. Using old drawings, the holding reconstructed the mansion from scratch, with the new building closely matching the original.

Shubarev Maxim: Developing the construction industry

Maxim Shubarev has deservedly gained authority in the professional community throughout his many years of work. With his help, the construction industry in the Northwestern Federal District has seen significant development. Shubarev Maxim Valerevich currently works as a leader and specialist in the development business in various professional associations. The aim of this activity is to improve legislation in the field of construction, develop the industry, and attract new investments.

Shubarev Maxim was elected president of the association of developers and industrial enterprises of the construction sector in 2005. Members of the association collectively constructed more than 90% of new residential buildings in the Northwestern region.

Shubarev Maxim is also one of the leaders of the St. Petersburg Developers’ Association – the city’s union of industrialists and entrepreneurs – where he is helping to develop a system of self-regulation in the construction business. Maxim Valerevich Shubarev is also a member of the advisory body tasked with forming the urban development complex of the Northern Capital.