Netflix’s new Robbie Williams docuseries will show the star ‘like you’ve never seen him before’

“This is Robbie Williams like you’ve never seen him before,” teases Netflix, promising a four-part docuseries jam-packed full of footage of the artist taken from across his stellar three decade career.

Here’s everything to know about the new show.

What is it going to be about?

Robbie Williams performing in 2022

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Williams, who is now 49, has had a rollercoaster of a career: he was 16 years old when he joined Take That in 1990; just four years later he came close to having a drug overdose. He went solo in 1996, and released his number one album, Life thru a Lens, the following year.

Over the next 26 years he has released 11 studio albums and three compilation albums. He has won dozens of prestigious prizes including 18 Brit awards, including being honoured with both the Brit’s Outstanding Contribution to Music Award and the Icon Award. His records I’ve Been Expecting You (1998) and Swing When You’re Winning (2001) have sold millions of copies worldwide and are among the best-selling albums in the UK of all time.

Now Netflix is lifting the curtain on his wild and fascinating life: “The series features hundreds of hours of intimate, never-before-seen personal archival footage, and intimate access to Williams himself,” says the show’s logline on Netflix’s Tudum site.

Is there a release date?

Not yet: Netflix has said that the series is coming soon, while there’s a rumour that it will premiere sometime in November.

Is there a trailer?

Robbie Williams being interviewed by Michael Parkinson


Yes. A teaser trailer was released last week – we’ve popped it at the top of the page.

“Prepare to be shocked, appalled, surprised, intrigued, amazed, stunned, aroused,” says text across the one-minute trailer. Williams, speaking in the modern day, is talking to one of his four children who is off camera: “You’ll be able to watch the documentary when you’re much older,” he says.

“What happened?” asks the child. “A lot,” replies Williams.

Then, as his 2000 number one hit, Rock DJ, plays out, the trailer shows back to back clips of Williams performing, getting ready for shows, in hotel rooms, on planes, in the studio, and on holiday. “I’m just a k***head from Stoke-on-Trent…” says Williams over the clips.

Who has made the series?

Robbie Williams in Take That around 1992

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The new series is from Ridley Scott Associates, the production company founded by legendary directors Ridley and Tony Scott. It has been executive produced by Asif Kapadia, the director who won an Oscar for his 2015 Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy.

The new series has been directed by Joe Pearlman, the director of Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now (2023), Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (2022) and Mo Farah: No Easy Mile (2016).

What has Robbie Williams said about it?

So far, Williams hasn’t said too much about the upcoming docuseries, but he has shared a clip of the trailer on his accounts on Instagram and X.

Under the posts, he teased the new show: “The new 4-part documentary series, including 30 years of unseen footage. ROBBIE WILLIAMS – coming soon on Netflix…”

Speaking to The Sun in April before the series started shooting, Williams said: “When it was first discussed, I thought, ‘I don’t deserve this’ and second, ‘It’s going to be s**t’. That’s how I think.

“When I think about the documentary, I wonder how they plan to fill four hours. That’s not going to work.

“Negative thoughts are always on my mind. I really hope that in the end I will think again that I was completely wrong.”

What have fans said?

Fans of Williams are, predictably, thrilled by the news of the forthcoming series. “I’ll be there brother. This isn’t about you being a star. This is about you suffering with mental health. You made me unashamed to talk about my own struggles. You saved my life,” commented one fan on X under the teaser clip shared by Williams.

“Wonderful! I’ve unsubscribed Netflix since the Meghan and Harry horror show. Now you and Beckham!! I’ll definitely go back on Netflix again! So much fun,” said another.

Another wrote: “ *claps hands excitedly* *gets the tissues ready* It’s gonna be an emotional watch…”

Robbie Williams will air on Netflix later this year