Gardaí ‘assessing’ allegations over land sale involving Niall Collins’ wife

Gardaí are reportedly assessing allegations in relation to the sale of land in Limerick that has been the centre of controversy.

Junior Minister Niall Collins has been under fire regarding a meeting he attended in relation to the sale of council land.

Gardaí told that they are examining whether there was any criminality involved in relation to alleged breaches of the Local Government Act 2001, in the Southern Garda Region.

Gardaí said it is not a criminal investigation at this time.

Mr Collins says he did not break the law.

Mr Collins has acknowledged he knew his wife had expressed interest in purchasing a property that was proposed for sale at a meeting of an area committee he attended in 2007.

Mr Collins has previously delivered a “personal explanation” in the Dáil about the matter in which he said his actions were legally correct and the sale of the property was done in full transparency.