Unpopular opinion: stealth wealth is smug and joyless

Normcore! Ghosting! Cheugy! The internet loves a buzzword. The latest entry into this category shows no signs of waning anytime soon: ‘stealth wealth’ — also known by its sister moniker, quiet luxury —which speaks to the rise in an inconspicuous (albeit, extortionately-priced) personal aesthetic.

It’s popular with the super-rich, which is why it is increasingly becoming known as ‘Succession dressing’; citing the costume design of the wildly popular HBO series where Shiv’s brown trouser suits, Kendall’s logo-free cashmere peaked caps to padded jackets and Lukas Matsson’s chunky roll necks, hoodies, and faded cotton T-shirts all encapsulated understated wealth. Although, Twitter commentators were quick to point out that the Swedish tech tycoon’s look is, by comparison, a lot sloppier than the Roy children, with GQ stating his look was leaning towards ‘gorpcore’ (outdoor pursuit gear) rather than all-out quiet luxury.