YouTubers fighting on KSI undercard will smash record for heaviest boxing bout

YouTuber Boogie2988 will be back on the KSI-Fournier undercard

YOUTUBE sensation KSI returns to the ring next month – but he won’t by any means be the biggest fighter on the card.

That honour goes to super-heavyweight sluggers Wings of Redemption and Boogie2988, who will duke it out on the undercard of the Ovo dust-up.

Together, the social media sensations weigh a whopping 800lbs – which equates to a staggering 57 stone.


YouTuber Boogie2988 will be back on the KSI-Fournier undercardCredit: YOUTUBE
He will take on fellow social media sensation Wings of Redemption


He will take on fellow social media sensation Wings of RedemptionCredit: YOUTUBE

Boogie2988 – who rose to prominence with his brash and controversial playing style on Call of Duty – once weighed a staggering 495lbs.

But as of last July – four years after he hand gastric bypass surgery – Boogie, real name Steven Jay Williams, tipped the scales at 377lbs.

At his peak, Wings of Redemption – real name – Richard Samuel Jordan – weighed a massive 450lbs.


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The pair’s showdown won’t be a long one, with the contest being a mere three rounder.

The rounds are expected to last a paltry two minutes.

Following the announcement of the bout, Boogie said on YouTube”: “I’m going into this thing with the plan to win.

“But if I could make it all the way through three rounds I will be happy with that.

“If I’m still standing at the end I will be very proud of myself.


“There are going to be some people tuning in to watch two fat guys and make fun of them.

“There’s also hopefully going to be a few people who are inspired by this.

“I want to prove to myself that I can face my fears. I’m going to do my absolute best to put Jordie on his a**.

“This is a very important first step to put everything I’ve learned in the last few weeks into action. I promise you I am going to make this fight entertaining as possible.”

KSI – who tops the bill against self-proclaimed billionaire Joe Fournier – said of the fight: “Oh my God.

“If someone would have told me this would happen 10 years ago I would have laughed and blocked them.

“Fam I still can’t believe it’s happening.”