AnEsonGib was an overweight gamer before turning to boxing

How YouTube star AnEsonGib went from morbidly obese gamer to ripped boxer

YOUTUBE star AnEsonGib went from obese gamer to ripped boxer with a stunning SEVEN STONE body transformation.

Gib – real name Ali Loui Al-Fakri – shot to fame online playing Fifa and developed an unhealthy diet of junk food and fizzy drinks.


AnEsonGib was an overweight gamer before turning to boxing
Gib admitted he was 'morbidly obese' at one point


Gib admitted he was ‘morbidly obese’ at one point
Gib is now a ripped boxer


Gib is now a ripped boxerCredit: @AnEsonGib

He even declared himself “morbidly obese” with a “belly and t**s” before he first walked into the gym.  

But following the rise of celebrity boxing matches, it gave “Gib” the chance to complete a stunning body and career transformation.

He was first trained by cruiserweight boxing prospect Viddal Riley and introduced to strength and conditioning coach Leon Wills.

Wills has been with Gib for every fight since and helped mastermind a sensational weight loss.


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He told SunSport: “Gib was very overweight for his height and size, I think his max was probably about 110kg.

“But mentally, funnily enough he was always strong. He’s always had a strong mind, strong willpower so he’s one of those clients that will always say yes to whatever.

“He doesn’t moan about the exercise, he doesn’t moan about the workout and he gets it done. He’s well driven.”

At Gib’s heaviest, he weighed over 17 STONE but his boxing return will be at 11st 8lb, meaning he has shifted almost seven stone.


Wills said: “He’s fighting now at 75kg, so it’s about 45kg. And the most important thing is his physique has changed, his body composition.

“A lot of fat loss, muscle gain, he’s looking like a proper gentleman now, a proper man.”

Gib is now coached by Abdul Yaseen – with Riley focussing on his own fight career – working alongside Wills.

He has four or five S&C sessions a week, lasting for an hour, with warm up and stretches included.

Wills works on strength, explosiveness and speed to help aid Gib’s performances in the ring.

And having come down in weight, he also has a nutritionist on board, like he did in his 2020 loss to Jake Paul to help instead put on size.

Gib ahead of his rematch with Austin McBroom


Gib ahead of his rematch with Austin McBroom
The YouTuber is in stunning shape


The YouTuber is in stunning shapeCredit: Instagram @anesongib
Gib has won two fights in a row


Gib has won two fights in a rowCredit: Instagram @anesongib

Wills revealed: “We’re in constant communication.

“She’ll ask me what type of sessions he’s having this week and I’ll explain to her whether it’s like a high impact session or a demanding session or if it’s a light session so we can balance the calories and X, Y, Z.”

Wills has worked with big stars from the crossover boxing world, including KSI, 29, and his brother Deji, 26.

But he is also part of Riley’s camp, who continues to improve as an 8-0 prospect with five knockouts.

Gib has trained alongside all three and Wills said: “He’s a workhorse, very competitive.

“If I make him train alongside someone, he’s going to make sure he’s beating him or doing the workout faster etc.

“But they’re all good. They’re all different in their own right. Some can’t do certain exercises, some can, so everything is tailored to that specific athlete.

Gib with coach Leon Wills


Gib with coach Leon WillsCredit: @RILxWILLS
Leon Wills has been with Gib for all of his fights


Leon Wills has been with Gib for all of his fightsCredit: @RILxWILLS

“And that’s the thing with S&C, it’s not one size fits all. It has to be tailored, they all fight different.”

Gib was stopped in one round by Paul in his professional debut.

But he has bounced back with two wins since, against Americans Tayler Holder, 25, and Austin McBroom, 30.

And after six months out of the ring, Gib announced he had signed onto KingPyn’s eight-man winner-take-all tournament.

Amazingly, he drew McBroom in the quarter-final with the rivals rematching on Saturday at Wembley Arena.

And Gib enters the knockout tournament as a favourite to win it all.

Wills said: “He has experience now, he’s been doing it for probably the longest. He’s got power, he’s got the best engine in the game – in the game totally.


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“So that’s what he needs to put altogether, the experience, the engine, boxing IQ, that’s what he needs to demonstrate and get through everybody in this tournament.”

Gib was beaten by Jake Paul in 2020


Gib was beaten by Jake Paul in 2020Credit: Getty
Gib celebrates beating Tayler Holder


Gib celebrates beating Tayler HolderCredit: Getty
Austin McBroom was knocked out by Gib


Austin McBroom was knocked out by GibCredit: Getty Images – Getty