Rashford reveals the position he started his career in and why he changed

MARCUS RASHFORD has revealed the shocking position he started his career in, and why he now plays where he does.

The 25-year-old forward has scored 24 goals this season and will be hoping to reach Erik ten Hag’s 35-goal season target for him.

Marcus Rashford has scored 24 goals this season


Marcus Rashford has scored 24 goals this seasonCredit: Reuters
But he revealed how he started off in a very different position


But he revealed how he started off in a very different positionCredit: YouTube / Sky Sports Football

But if he had a bit more patience, Rashford’s career may have taken a very different trajectory.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Rashford revealed: “Some people don’t know this, but my first year at Fletcher Moss (an amateur team United frequently recruit from) I played in net.

“The year that I got scouted for United I played outfield because my team was always winning and I was bored. I had phases as a kid where I would play in net.”

Had Rashford stayed in goal and completed his goalkeeping development, he would be competing with David De Gea for the gloves at Old Trafford.

Van Gaal fined me every week for being late… I had 12 minutes to get to training
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And Rashford also revealed his playstyle as a keeper, adding he would be more than happy to don the gloves if needed in an emergency.

“I’m a good shot-stopper. Not too good at the other stuff (playing out), but if someone wants to take shots at me I can save a few.

“I’m more old-fashioned. I take no risks at the back – just get it away from the goal.”

Asked if De Gea knew about Rashford’s former position, he said: “Yeah he does a little bit.


“We’ve had a couple of conversations just in the team (for) if the keeper’s injured who’s going to go into net.

“And I remember a couple of years ago everyone was like ‘the biggest person should go in net’ and I wasn’t having it.

“I was like ‘no way, I trust myself more than I trust you to go in net’.”

In his interview, Rashford also recalled how he had been fined every Thursday while under Louis van Gaal.

But today Rashford will be in action in the Carabao Cup final against Newcastle, whose supporters have travelled to London in force.