Back to the Future cast enjoy rare reunion 37 years after original movie was released

The four actors, who played Marty McFly, Dr Emmett Brown, Lorraine Baines-McFly and Biff Tannen respectively in the time travelling trillogy, were reunited at a fan convention in Portland, Oregon over the weekend where they posed for the ultimate selfie.

In the snap, which was posted to Thompson’s account, Wilson, 63, takes charge of holding the camera as he smiles alongside Fox, 61, Lloyd, 84, and Thompson, 61.

“Wow, honestly had the best time today with my Back to the Future family,” she wrote alongside the snap.

Adding: “So many fun fan moments too and a llama.”

Fox and Wilson also shared similar images on their own social accounts.

“I love being at these FanExpo events,” wrote Fox on Instagram Stories, adding: “Seeing some of my favorite people like Lea, Tom, Chris and all you Back to the Future heads. Heavy.”

“Okay, so this happened. 2023,” penned Wilson alongside his post.

Fans made it known in the comment section that they were loving the sight of all four actors back together.

“Pretty much one of the best memories of my childhood in one pic,” wrote one person online.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd pictured as their characters Marty McFly and the Doc in Back to the Future Part II

/ Handout

“Love love love love love annnnnnnnnnd everything,” remarked another followed by a stream of red love hearts.

While a third declared the moment “iconic”.

Reunions like these have become increasingly rare, with Fox – who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 – experiencing several health issues, including breaking a number of bones in his body.

In an interview with People magazine last year, Fox admitted his health had got “worse” over the last year.

He said: “I broke my cheek, then my hand, then my shoulder, had a replacement shoulder put in and broke my (right) arm, then I broke my elbow”.

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