WWE Royal Rumble 2023 LIVE RESULTS: Men’s Rumble match ON NOW – stream, TV channel, start time

THE WWE Royal Rumble is LIVE tonight – and the men’s Rumble opened up the show!

Who will be victorious in the over-the-top-rope bouts and go through to WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles?

We don’t have long to find out now. Follow ALL of the latest updates below.

Cody Rhodes is returning for the men’s Royal Rumble match and is the current bookies favourite.

And Brock Lesnar has also confirmed his place in the match, with PLENTY of surprise slots remaining…

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Follow ALL of the latest updates below…

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No15 Seth Rollins

    The best wrestler of 2022 according to Sports Illustrated!!!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Lesnar just attacked a referee!

    Adam Pierce and officials are trying to stop him but it is not at all working

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No14 Baron Corbin

    Lesnar is trashing ringside!

    He just destroyed the announce desk with the steel steps and F5’d Corbin before he entered the ring!!!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Brock Lesnar eliminated!!!!

    Lashley destroys everyone with Spears and Manhandle Slams.

    Then Lesnar tries an F5 but the MMA hero counters and Clotheslines him over the top rope!!!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No13 Bobby Lashley

    This is getting awesome! Gunther and Lesnar are squaring up.

    The Intercontinental Champion is throwing Chops but they have no effect

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Santos Escobar eliminated

    Angelo Dawkins eliminated

    Chad Gable eliminated

    Brock Lesnar is Suplexing everyone!!!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No12 Brock Lesnar

    Bodies are going to fly! Stay out Kofi!!!!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Here we go! Gunther throws Kingston off the top rope but he lands on an announcer’s empty chair.

    He rolls with the chair but has only one foot on the floor!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Xavier Woods eliminated

    Gunther takes him out with a Big Boot

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No11 Angelo Dawkins

    McIntyre and Sheamus are working together as their dropped ‘Banger Bros’ nickname.

    Why was it axed? Those who know, know

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No10 Santos Escobar

    Looks like he didn’t get such a great number…

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Karrion Kross eliminated

    McIntyre takes Kross out with a Claymore!

    The Scottish star has taken everyone out

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No9 Drew McIntyre

    There’s the first ever British world champion!!!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Gable takes out Kingston and Gargano, he then proceeds to shush them!

    Then Woods takes the Olympian down and shushes him.

    Comedy gold!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No8 Chad Gable

    An unsung hero this season, Otis can’t be too far behind

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Kross takes out THe New Day members and then squares up to Gunther.

    They both get some knockdowns and until the ex-NXT star fights Sheamus

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No 7 Karrion Kross

    A good friend of mine…

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Kingston and Woods hint at a fight between them after beating everyone else but it leads to nowhere.

    Bit disappointing

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No 6 Xavier Woods

    Woods and Kingston team up in the ring

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    The Miz is eliminated

    Miz becomes the first elimination.

    Sheamus gave him 25 beats of the Battering, Gargano hit a Superkick and the Irishman took him out with a Brogue Kick

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No5 Johnny Gargano

    This is going to be very good!

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Kingston introduces some pace and takes everyone down with some Clotheslines and Dropkicks.

    Everyone chants for the New Day

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No4 Kofi Kingston

    How will Kingston avoid being eliminated this year? What kind of trick will we see?

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    The Miz hasn’t entered the ring yet, Sheamus waited for him anf the two-time world champion refused to enter.

    Gunther tried to eliminate the Irishman from behind but he fought back.

    Miz tried to pull him off the ring apron but he kicked him away.

    The two time Grand Slam champion has finally entered the ring and gets chopped by both statrs

  • Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    No3 The Miz

    Fancy him going the distance…?