CONOR BENN returns to welterweight action TONIGHT as he defends his WBA Continental title against veteran Chris van Heerden.

The Destroyer last fought back in December, wiping out American Chris Algieri in just four rounds.

Benn continues to make his father and legendary boxer Nigel Benn proud by following in his footsteps.

However, the next challenge for Conor is Van Heerden, who is most known for fights with Errol Spence Jr and Jaron Ennis.

  • Start time: 7pm BST
  • Main event start time: 10pm BST
  • Venue: AO Arena, Manchester
  • Jordan Thompson BEAT Mariano Gudino KO2
  • Jack Cullen BEAT Vladimir Belujsky UD8

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Follow all the action from Manchester with our live blog below…

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R4

    More of the same from Hatton, who keeps coming forward and looking for big shots.

    Gregores looks like he’s becoming used to Hatton’s power, however, and is probably going to get through these next few rounds.

    Hatton lands a nice left to the body, but Gregores comes back with a counter of his own.

    Every round to Campbell so far.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R3

    Gregores has another fight in two weeks, so he won’t want to get stopped here.

    But Hatton is landing some big shots. Young Campbell looks hell-bent on getting that stoppage.

    And it would increase his streak to three. Some signs also that Hatton is slightly weary of what’s coming back from the Argentine.

    Regardless, another round banked for Hatton, who finishes the round landing some big right hands.

    Credit: PA
  • Hatton vs Gregores – R2

    A little careless from Hatton to start the round, he likes to come forward but gets caught on the way out.

    Carl Froch notes on commentary that Hatton can’t take those shots once he steps up his level of competition.

    But some good body shots follows in the middle minute of the round.

    Gregores can land a nice counter if he gets there quick enough, however.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R1

    Hatton starts things on the front foot and lands a nice right hand but smothers his work a little quickly.

    Gregores lands a solid jab but Hatton comes back with a body shot.

    Big right hand from Hatton now as he continues to look for hooks to the body. Some great variation from the youngster.

    Good start from legend Ricky’s son.

  • Hatton vs Gregores – R1

    And we’re underway!

  • Campbell Hatton is up next…

    The seventh fight of Campbell Hatton’s professional career is on any minute now.

  • Baumgardner wins UD

    All three judges score the snorefest 100-90.

    That was bad.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R10

    Ten rounds in an Baumgardner finally throws a cserious combination.

    Four crisps shot crash into Matthysse and she struggles to cope with the attack.

    But it’s too little too late and the bell ends a disappointing 20 minutes we can never get back.

    Baumgardner UD, 100-90 probably.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R8

    Another lopsided round in the bank for Baumgardner who has put fans to sleep instead of her opponent.

    A real opportunity to boost her profile wasted.

    Matthysse has been a sitting suck but it’s been an excerise in meaningless showboating.

    The same goes for round nine.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R7

    Baumgardner steps on the gas and drives big right hands into Matthysse’s guard and left hooks into her ribs.

    But the Argentine veteran is tough and soaks them up.

    There was a lot of excitement about this new Detroit talent but it has melted away over seven one-sided and dull rounds.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R6

    Baumgardner scores with more well selected single shots but Matthysse is too tough to crumble under one good dig.

    This has been like a training session for the American when it should have been a showcase.

    Six rounds to The Bomb but we don’t need to see the full ten.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R5

    Here we go, The Bomb drives ilove right hands to the head and left hooks to the body, four thud in to Matthysse.

    Just as it looks like the champ is coasting again she lands a lovely slip and right cross.

    Matthysee is getting worn down and is yet to win a round or land a meaningful punch.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R4

    The crowd was excited to see Baumgardner tonight and it feels like they have gone a little flat.

    Matthysse looks vulnerable yet the American is messing about and going through the motions.

    Matthysse is tough but Baumgardner will make a big mistake not securing an eye-catching win here, if she wants unification bouts against rival champs.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R3

    Matthysse gets warned for punching on the break.

    Baumgardner shows off her skills with an uppercut and a pivot and a one-two.

    But she gets clipped on the way out of the attack and loses momentum.

    Another round for the American but it feels like she is playing with her food here.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R2

    Matthysse is trying but almost every shot she throws gets countered with a heavier dig.

    A cheeky left uppercut from Alycia ‘The Bomb’ lands and the crowd is impressed.

    More combinations would be nice to see from the American who looking for the perfect single shot too much.

  • Baumgardner vs Matthysse – R1

    Baumgardner putting a show on early doors, lead left hang swinging low by her glittering shorts and right hand popping Matthyesse.

    Last year’s win over Harper was a sensational stoppage for women’s boxing, where they are rare.

    And the Detroit ace looks hungry for another highlight-reel win.

  • Boom-Gardner

    Do not blink when American super-featherweight champ Alycia Baumgardner is in the ring next.

    The stunner scorched Sheffield’s golden girl Terri Harper in November and is back in the UK to keep building her profile.

    Edith Matthysse will have a hard night lasting all ten rounds against the heavy-handed bombshell.

  • Cullen wins

    The ref gives Cullen every round at 80-72 but I would watch Big Bad Vlad Belujsky again.

    Little Lever’s Meat Clever is back in the win column after losing out on a European title crack in December.

    And he’s sure to be in a thrilling row again this summer.

  • Cullen vs Belujsky – R8

    All done here, eight rounds in the bank for Cullen who won at least six of them clearly.

    Big Bad Vlad was dangerous in the first couple of rounds but then he couldn’t live with Cullen’s pace and power.

    The Slovak was wobbled a couple of times but never dropped.

    Expecting a wide points win now for the Little Lever man who will be in another barnstormer very soon.

  • Cullen vs Belujsky – R7

    Vladimir Belujsky is a tough man.

    Cullen batters his ribs and cracks shots into his skull but he remains upright.

    It looks unlikely Cullen will get a stoppage now but it’ll be a clear points win.

    Final round now.

  • Cullen vs Belujsky – R6

    Great round for Cullen, fizzing jabs find a home and left hook wobbles BBV.

    But the Slovak wants a war and calls Cullen to stand and trade.

    Wisely the Englishman scores his points, wins the round and gets out of range.

  • Cullen vs Belujsky – R5

    We have a fight and a thrilling one too.

    Cullen is hooking like an angry Mexican and BBV is catching him on the counter.

    Both men are slashing in body blows too but Cullen seems the happier.

    Proper fighting here from Jack ‘Guranteed Slugfest’ Cullen.

  • Cullen vs Belujsky – R4

    Big Bad Vlad lands a massive right hand around Cullen’s left cheek and his big crowd gasp and “ooh”.

    But Cullen has proved his chin enough times before and brushes it off.

    BBV does seem to be tiring and Cullen should be stronger down the stretch.

    The Clever needs to step on the gas now and take total control.

  • Cullen vs Belujsky – R3

    This is livening up and not all going Cullen’s way.

    Vlad is hooking whenever he gets in range and Cullen is happy to trade.

    The Cullen army gets excited when their lands but Belujsky is a tough man is making Cullen work.

  • Cullen vs Belujsky – R2

    The Englishman still looks a little bit nervous, coming off of a loss in his last outing for the European title.

    But we know from fabulous fights with Felix Cash and Zak Chelli that he has magic in his slender muscles.

    Crisp jabs and a few digs from Cullen but we need more.