EXCL: Some manufacturers have even stopped taking orders, expert reveals

BUYERS are being asked to wait for as long as 18 months for the delivery of new cars and some manufacturers have even stopped taking orders due to supply chain problems, an industry expert has warned.

James Baggott, editor-in-chief of Car Dealer Magazine, said that waiting lists have built up due to acute shortages of some components.

He told GB News: “It depends really what manufacturer or car dealership you go to but the problem is very real.

“Most car manufacturers are quoting a wait of around six months at the moment but I have heard of waits of up to 18 months and in fact some manufacturers are not actually taking orders for some cars, the problems are so acute.”

Mr Baggott said that brands affected include Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, BMW and Mercedes which have all been hit by shortages of parts caused by the Covid pandemic.

He added that the war in Ukraine has also affected car production because it was a key manufacturing base for parts, especially electrical wiring assemblies.

Speaking on On The Money with Liam Halligan on GB News, he said: “There’s parts problems as a result of the war in the in Ukraine, wiring looms, especially were made there and they are causing problems as well so it doesn’t look like the problems going to get better anytime soon.”

Figures on new car sales released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) this week showed that new car registrations were down 14% overall in March, the lowest figure for 24 years.

Sales of electric vehicles are up in comparison with conventional vehicles, but poor charging infrastructure in the UK may put off buyers.

“I’ve got an electric car at the moment and have been writing about it regularly. I’ve had a number of problems charging it when it comes to public charging points.

“The number that you go to that don’t actually work is incredibly disappointing. I find that running an electric car and charging at home makes a big difference.”

He added: “If you are looking at buying an electric car, you really do need to consider how you’re going to charge it because right now the charging infrastructure across the UK is pretty woeful.”

Fellow guest, investment manager Justin Urquhart Stewart, expressed shock at the news about waiting lists.

He said: “Eighteen months! You could have two children before you get a car.”