F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix LIVE: Latest updates from big race in Jeddah

Hamilton still has Saudi concerns

Lewis Hamilton has reiterated that he still has concerns about racing in Saudi Arabia, and has called for change in the country.

The F1 ace was speaking ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix in Jeddah, and believes drivers are ‘duty bound’ to raise awareness regarding Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

The Englishman has previously said he was ‘not comfortable’ with racing in the country, and now takes part there just weeks after the Saudi regime executed 81 people in a single day.

Ahead of the first practice session, Hamilton said: “We don’t decide where we go, and I think we’re duty bound to try and do what we can.

“It’s not necessarily our responsibility that we’re brought here but we try and do what we can, and I think it’s important that we just try to educate ourselves.

“Ultimately it’s the responsibility of those in power to really make changes, and we’re not really seeing any. So we need to see more.”