Thousands more Brits able to book in for life-saving boosters from TODAY – check if you’re on the list

THOUSANDS more Brits are able to book in for their life-saving boosters from today, the NHS has announced.

People aged 16 and over who are severely immunosuppressed can go online and use the national booking service to book their booster jabs.


People who are immunosuppressed are now able to come forward for their fourth Covid vaccine[/caption]

So far more than nine out of ten of those who are severely immunosuppressed have had a third Covid-19 vaccination and the opening up of the service today will mean that they get their boosters, which will be a fourth dose.

Millions of people have now been boosted in the fight against Omicron and health officials have repeatedly said that getting vaccinated is the best way to protect everyone from catching the bug.

Most people who catch the Omicron virus are presenting with cold-like symptoms and for most people it is milder than the variants that came before it.

A string of positive studies show Omicron is milder than other strains, especially in the vaccinated.

The NHS says that there are around 400,000 people that are immunosuppressed and are now eligible for their fourth jab.

This should be given at least three months on from the third doses, with Brits being able to book those a month in advanced.

People in this group include those who are having treatment for conditions such as cancer or those with long-term chronic conditions where their condition puts them at greater risk if they were to get Covid.    

This group can also access walk-in sites across the country and the change to online services will make it easier for people to plan their jabs.

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In the UK, 52.3 million Brits have had a first dose of a Covid vaccine, 48.3 million have had a second and 37.2 million have had a booster or a third dose.

For some patients, a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine should come before their booster.

This means that this will be a fourth dose of the vaccine for this group.

Brits who had Covid over the festive period have been urged to book in for their booster jab – after they had to wait 28 days due to infection.

This week under-11s at risk of Covid will also receive their first dose of the vaccine.

Professor Stephen Powis, NHS National Medical Director said getting the vaccine is the best way to prevent the likelihood of becoming seriously unwell from Covid.

He explained that this is even more important if you have a weakened immune system.

Are you eligible for your booster vaccine/fourth dose?

The decision on when to get a fourth jab for people who are severely immunosuppressed is made between patients and their clinicians, and the majority of fourth doses are being administered through hospital consultants and GPs.

Here are a list of various conditions that could mean you are eligible, but you should always check with your GP first.

  • acute and chronic leukaemias
  • clinically aggressive lymphomas
  • individuals under follow up for chronic lymphoproliferative disorders
  • immunosuppression due to HIV/AIDS
  • those who have had stem cell transplants
  • people receiving immunosuppressive therapy
  • people who received high dose steroids a month prior to vaccination
  • those who are living with cancer
  • those with long-term chronic conditions

Prof Powis said: “It is incredibly important that those who are most at risk from coronavirus continue to come forward for their doses whether it’s a fourth dose or booster vaccine when their treatment allows and it is fantastic to see that more than nine in 10 people who are severely immunosuppressed have had their third dose so far.    

“As more people who at the highest risk from Covid become eligible for their booster jab they will benefit from being able to book an appointment online at a convenient vaccination centre.”

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid added that vaccines are the best line of defence against this virus.

He said: “It is vital those who are most at risk get their third and fourth doses when eligible, to ensure they have as much protection as possible. 

“The NHS is making it even easier for them to book an appointment, with online bookings now open.”