Between The Lines is an upbeat, fun and slightly bonkers musical comedy short film

Some of the cast & crew of the film. Photo Credit – Jim Elton

The story follows shy book lover Jane,  who is unexpectedly tasked with having to pitch to save her beloved library from closure. All alone in the library, Jane is unsure where to turn…until help arrives in the unlikely form of Lawrence Livingstone, a character from the book Jane’s reading. He takes her on a fantastical, musical adventure where they meet well known book characters who all try to help Jane develop the confidence she needs to deliver the pitch. 

The film is written and directed by Dom Lee (Fort Box, Rocketshed), with music and lyrics by Grace Hancock (Cessation). They previously worked together on ‘Counsellors’, a short musical comedy which was the winner of Exeter Phoenix’s 48hr Film Challenge in 2019. Keen to work together again, they started developing ideas alongside teammates Camilla Joyce and Elisabeth Burnette which evolved into ‘Between The Lines’. 

Marley (Simon Ford) and Jane_Scrooge (Alex Stewart) – Photo – Minna Gibbs Nicholls

The film has a large cast from all over the South West, lead by Alex Stewart as Jane. Locations have included the library at Coombeshead Academy in Newton Abbot, The City Gate Hotel in Exeter and The Golden Hind in Brixham.  

Dom Lee said: “We knew we wanted to make something with a positive message which also had a lot of heart. As a naturally shy person myself, having a lead character who has to try and overcome her shyness felt like a good place to start a story. I’m sure it’s something as well which many others will be able to relate to. Unashamedly positive, we feel this film is the perfect tonic after a difficult two years which will leave you with a smile on your face and the ridiculously catchy tunes in your head!”

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Photo – Minna Gibbs-Nicholls

Grace Hancock, composer and lyricist said: “The music is meant to be optimistic, feel good and joyus. There’s a wide variety to the songs, from pop to rock and even some Hip-Hop!”

They both agree: “The amount of people who have given their time to the project has been truly heartwarming. It really is magic when so many people get behind your vision for the film. We’ve been truly blessed to work with incredible talent from all across the South West.”  

A crowdfunder campaign has just been launched to help cover the costs of making the film. Money raised will go towards costumes, location hire, recording studios and festival fee submissions, ensuring the film can find it’s audience.