What Colour is the Sea?

The first solo exhibition by up-and-coming artist Carolyn Wixon will be at the Castle Gallery in Bude, 22nd October – 11th November, 2021. Carolyn’s exhibition is in the Blanchminster Room, which is named after the family that donated this stunning building a stone’s-throw from the beach, to the community. There is a cafe with a great view there too.

The exhibition is called “The Colours of the Sea” and shows the sea in all its moods and gorgeous colours. Carolyn loves to paint the wild and the beautiful scenery of Devon and Cornwall including our coasts and moors but this is a new discovery for her. Lockdown afforded her the opportunity to paint on a daily basis and work on her art with a passion that demanded ever more time. Now she is a professional artist and part of the Drawn to the Valley group of artists as well as showing work in the new AVA Gallery in Plymouth. 

Why not enjoy a day out which includes a visit to this exhibition at The Castle? Find out how many colours are in these seascapes. There may be more than you think.