Former Manchester United midfielder and Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane launched a blistering attack on Tottenham following their 3-0 defeat to Chelsea on Sunday afternoon.

“I thought Chelsea were excellent, we know what they’re about, real quality, a lot of energy, desire, men v boys.

“I can’t believe how poor Spurs were but you can have an off day and lose to quality but lack of desire like we saw with the second and probably third, all the goals.

“Talk about putting your body on the line. The game is 90 minutes long, they done well in the first half, it doesn’t matter. It’s over the course of the game, you get through your difficult spells, try and survive, stay in the game.

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“Chelsea had an amazing team you seen it with the substitutions they brought on, pure quality.

“I’ve no problem with Tottenham being short of quality, (but) even Kane’s body language today, his performance today Kane, oh my goodness.

“I’m pretty angry watching Spurs there, you talk about football, the second goal the difference between desire and wanting to win a football match we seen that.

“Tottenham players not doing the basics, I’m talking about closing someone down, putting your body on the line, that comes from within, we can criticise maybe the coach and a lot of other stuff but get to the ball, stop the shot, put your body on the line.”