“Children’s Fire” brings light to the need for G7 to hold the good of the children at the core of its leadership

The Children’s Fire is a principle, a prayer and a commitment: a reminder that the well being of the children, of all species and all life, be put at the centre of decision
making. Honouring this principle commits us to listening to each other and finding common ground in creating a human presence in the world such that all life can thrive.

“What would the world be like if everyone thought of what’s best for the children?” Cassidy, 5 years old

Whilst the leaders of the world’s most powerful economies come together for the G7 Summit, here in West Cornwall, supported by other fires across the world, “The Children’s Fire Project” will be tending a physical, ceremonial fire, and live-streaming this fire around the globe.

Dedicated as a “Children’s Fire”, this will be lit as the sun sets on the 10th June and tended until the sun rises again once the summit has ended. Its purpose will be to illuminate the need for the G7 to hold the good of the children of all species, and that of future generations, at the core of its decision making.

Founder of The Children’s Fire Project, David Smartknight, says, “It’s time for the world to unite in this heartfelt intention and for true leadership with integrity to emerge. The transformative power of fire, clearly projects this simple message into the Summit.”

Indigenous peoples on all continents inherently understand the need to pay attention to the fact that actions today have consequences for coming generations and the wider web of life. Many indigenous elders from around the world will offer their support to this fire by joining the live feed

“I’m walking the path of healer, that I receive from my Mother and father’s side. I am part of the Global Mother Earth Delegation.
Each and everyone of us has this fire deep within us and the one I’m carrying with me was nurtured from generation to generation and crossed oceans and many miles. I would like to share it with the children of today, the people of tomorrow and also every living being.” Kurikindi, from the Ecuadorian rainforest.

As part of this global event, people from all continents are invited to light their own Children’s Fires in the form of candles, fires or beacons, and share them via the hashtag #ChildrensFireG7. The invitation includes the opportunity to share letters to the children of future generations, messages of support, wishes, prayers, songs and words to add fuel to the fire.