Devonport’s representatives unite to oppose massive new phone mast in middle of Morice Town

Plans for a new huge 20m high mobile phone mast in a quiet street in Morice Town are being opposed by local MP, Luke Pollard, and Devonport’s Labour Councillors. The proposal to construct a 20m high monopole electronic communications mast with additional dishes and equipment cabinets at the base is intended on being located on the pavement at Cross Hill in Morice Town. The mast will serve the 3 and EE networks.

Luke Pollard MP said:

“We need better mobile signal across Plymouth but this mast is too big for a quiet residential area. I share the concerns of local residents that this will blight the area with extra street clutter while returning little extra benefit to local residents. The mast company could have installed electric vehicle charging points alongside the mast to provide a benefit to local residents, but instead all they’ll get is a huge eyesore on their doorsteps.”

Charlotte Cree, Labour’s candidate in Devonport ward said:

“I’m very worried about such a huge mast being erected in the middle of Morice Town during a pandemic. I’m hearing that a lot of people living close to the proposed site are unaware of the proposals. For a communications company, their communications with local residents has not been good enough.”

Cllr Mark Coker added:

“I have called this application into the planning committee and it will be considered this week. A mast this size would not be acceptable in the middle of Peverell or Plympton and it isn’t acceptable in the middle of Morice Town. We will fight this all the way.”

Devonport’s other councillor, Cllr Bill Stevens chairs the Planning Committee and is prevented by law from having a view on the matter until it is considered at planning committee.

Although the period for formal objections has closed local residents can still email the planning committee with their views ahead of its consideration on Thursday 8 April.