ECS Pupils Keep Fit4Feb

ECS pupils and brothers, Edward and Hector have taken on the Charlie Waller Fit4Feb challenge to make the most of the 28 days in February and to raise awareness for the mental health charity.

Edward, who is in Year 6 at ECS, is running 28 miles in 28 days and is joined by his older brother Hector, a pupil at ECS until 2019 and who subsequently won a music scholarship to Sherborne School who is cycling 280 kilometers.


Even after a particularly wet and cold run, Edward said that “the exercise was great and a good way to get out and about”. Hector mentioned how “the challenge has boosted our moods – we’ve noticed a real difference from spending time outside”. The boys both highlighted how much they enjoyed “having fun in the mud!”

Their family has been incredibly supportive of the boys’ challenge, as Mum said: “They’ve been out come rain or shine and we’re incredibly proud of them. We hope that their efforts raise awareness of the fantastic work of the Charlie Waller Trust and the benefits of physical exercise for our mental health.”

Headmaster of ECS, Mr James Featherstone: This is great work from Edward and Hector! Our school places great emphasis on positive mental and physical health, and our remote learning programme encourages pupils to stay active, too. The Kennerley boys are leading from the front – and are certainly putting their Headmaster’s exercise regime to shame! We’re really proud of them for supporting The Charlie Waller Trust by staying so active.”

Edward and Hector encourage us all to get outside and challenge you to stay Fit4Feb and as we spring in to March!

Exeter Cathedral School was founded in the 12th century as a choir school and nowadays educates some 275 boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 13.

The Charlie Waller Trust is one of the UK’s most respected mental health charities. Established in 1997, the charity supports and educates young people, and those with responsibility for them – parents, educators, employers, GPs and Practice Nurses – about their mental health and wellbeing.