So who are you after this, Mr. Trump?

It might be assumed that this publication is tied to the elections in the United States, which are in the heat of the moment. By no means, just the stars are so aligned that the figure of Donald Trump is featured in the book “The Swaying Scene” published October, 25, the author is the scholar PhD Oleg Maltsev. In addition, I shall tell, that character of Donald Trump no one has ever known or seen until these very days.

Obviously, we all have our separate ideas about who Donald Trump is. His political career (and one might recall for sure that he tripled as a party member from Republicans to Democrats and then back) was predetermined by commercial activity. Trump is the author of a number of books published in multi-million copies. The headlines “Think Like a Billionaire”, “Trump: How to Get Rich”, “The Art of the Deal” are on the list of many. Have you ever thought, however, that the image of Donald Trump that we are seeing is just a small peak of a massive iceberg?

The book “The Swaying Scene” was published under the patronage of the Scientific Research Institute of World Martial art Traditions Study and Criminalistics Research of Weapon Handling. ISBN: 978-617-95051-2-6 (Canada). The book’s creation already has been underway for three years, and Steve Lott, General Director of the Boxing Hall of Fame in Las Vegas (BHOF), who has become a good friend of the author, acted as a consultant. The book outlines the conclusions of the scholar Oleg Maltsev following an in-depth journalistic investigation of the events that occurred in Mike Tyson’s life after the death of Cas D’Amato. Earlier there were books “Non compromised Pendulum”, “The Lighting Rod that Strikes Faster than  a Lightning itself” and “The Barometer of the Fight”, all of them circle around one figure – the greatest boxing coach Cus D’Amato. Yet this book does not focus on Cus D’Amato himself, but on the outcome of his titanic efforts embodied by Mike Tyson, a guy with a criminal background. Former world boxing champion, who in ten years has morphed from a billionaire into a pathetic showman. He has lost all his titles and is left with a lot of debts.

To be frank, no one bothered for this story for over thirty years. A simple analysis helps one guess what the reason is. The impression ‘from aside’ is that whatever happened to Mike Tyson was just a sequence of events that he himself was the culprit. This is the case. However, there were people next to Mike who were there to ‘help’ him, and they just ‘somehow’ made a lot of money out of ‘ashes of sad events’. In his book, Oleg Maltsev arranged everything step by step, slowly and measuredly: precisely illustrating the story line, the way that was happening. The chief conductor of a well-planned operation to steal 1 billion dollars from ‘Iron Mike’ was… Donald Trump.

…it takes patience and enthusiasm to achieve your goals. Think globally – but be realistic... To reach some of my goals, I have waited thirty years — these are the pieces of advice  Donald Trump shared  in one of his books.

In fact, certain group of people have been taking money from Mike Tyson for almost (!) 10 years. First robbery step was implemented with the ‘kind assistance’ of Mike’s first wife, Robin Givens, and the second one with his new rogue manager, Don King, who Mike invested 30 million with and earned… only 10 million (the triple loss). Overall, it is pretty straightforward to figure out the fate of  20 million ‘loss’.

 If anyone may not believe Donald Trump could have committed such a bold robbery, and not just robbed ’someone’ but a national hero of the United States, then allow us to skip to the beginning of the 20th century and recall an episode from the history of the emergence of John Rockefeller, another famous businessman. Currently, he is mostly reminded of as a brilliant entrepreneur who, as a result, contributed most of his fortune to charity. And extremely rarely is there any mention of the methods he used to secure the very monopoly in the oil market. Besides buying up small companies and pushing them to the brink of bankruptcy through railway contracts, he also had an army that fired off the discontent, not to mention a lot of them, as you might imagine. “The key secret to making money is to buy when the streets are bleeding,” he said. Rockefeller had special armed units that murdered everyone: criminals, police, competitors … With this example, we find that the power of weapons and military methods remains in the background of businessmen.  ‘All  millions can be reported, except the first one’, – some whisper secretly in America.

It is worth reconsidering: what do we actually know about people we honor? Plus, we are used to not questioning them and believing what they say. Believing what seems to be the most obvious. But this approach gets fatal in life, as it happened with “Iron Mike”. Here is his marriage to Robin Givens, for instance, which only lasted 11 months. No matter how much media attention is paid to their relationship, exposing Givens as a victim of a tyrant for the most part, ex- Mrs Tyson’s behaviour is very much like a premeditated plan to steal money from a boxing world champion. The story of a mysterious pregnancy (which, by the way, was the cause of the marriage) never came true. In court, the interests of Robin Givens were represented by lawyers from the office of Donald Trump (!) just for free, he selflessly stated that he would help the poor girl. Suspicious generosity for someone known for his stinginess. However, the majority preferred to believe in this fairy tale.

Donald Trump had a casino in Atlantic City,  Trump Plaza. Trump knew that whenever Tyson’s fight in the Trump Plaza takes place, huge sums of money just flow into the hotel. Donald Trump really wanted every Tyson fight to be hosted in his hotel. Trump was a very clever fraud: he kind of ‘helped’ a person at first, and then when he got really bad, Trump was suddenly under the spotlight, acting so cool and in the first roles,” Steve Lott shared.

It is also well known fact, Donald Trump personally contacted Tyson’s manager Bill Caton and offered him  20 million to hold the fight in his casino. However, Caton did not even find it necessary to respond personally to Trumm, and the price of 30 million dollars was agreed through his secretary. So Trump’s interest in Tyson, in terms of opportunities for enrichment, was obvious…

One more peculiar fact: in a special operation to ’strip a billion from Tyson’, the organisers even rooted the idea of a ‘personality disorder’ disease,  a manic-depressive syndrome that Mike himself believed in at some point. In early 2017, many American psychologists claimed that current US President Donald Trump was suffering from a personality disorder in a particular malignant form – narcissism. In the States, there was even a movement called Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism, which was supported by thousands of American psychologists. The British edition of Independent reported on this. As specialists would argue: Trump was transforming people around him into what he was.

It is noteworthy that Oleg Maltsev, the author of the book “The Swaying Scene”, is a PhD in philosophy, a PhD in psychological sciences, a criminologist and the author of many scientific works in these research areas, which literally concludes the book indisputable. The fact this book covers all the mechanisms and traps of a special operation, almost the greatest theft of the late 20th century, makes the reader stand upright and applaud the author. Indeed, this makes the ‘Swaying Scene’  above all, a tool that helps to protect one’s business from such attacks, which may remain unnoticed until the final fatal moment. Besides, Mike Tyson still did not realize how he lost everything…