Universities enrich communities, as well as educating students – new research

Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock Education helps us share knowledge, develop understanding, and supports our connection with each other. As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, governments have been preoccupied with how to re-open schools. However, there has been more doubt about universities. Discussions about the rise in COVID-19 infections in student populations have oftenContinue Reading

Gaining knowledge is what makes a degree valuable, not graduate salaries or transferable skills

PhotoSky/Shutterstock The unexpected social and economic challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic have given increased urgency to questions about the purposes of a university education and the kinds of graduates that society needs. Much of this debate has focused on the extent to which university degrees lead to graduate jobsContinue Reading

Why international students are choosing the UK – despite coronavirus

Pixpan_creative/Shutterstock Despite early predictions that the coronavirus pandemic would cause international student numbers to decline, the UK is set for a record increase, with enrolments from non-EU international students up 9% this academic year. Universities had feared that a fall in international student numbers would lead to a significant lossContinue Reading

Many young people still lack basic knowledge of the Holocaust

Photographs of Jewish families at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC. GiuseppeCrimeni/Shutterstock A significant number of young adults in the US cannot name a single concentration camp or ghetto, believe that Jews caused the Holocaust and that two million or fewer Jews were killed. These are the findings of aContinue Reading

Universities have invested in online learning – and it can provide students with value for money

fizkes/Shutterstock As the coronavirus pandemic continues, so does universities’ reliance on online teaching, prompting complaints from students that they are not getting full value from tuition fees. Students who have returned to campus fear that their university experience as a whole is being diminished. Manchester Metropolitan University has moved first-yearContinue Reading

Anticapitalism wasn't banned in English classrooms during the cold war – why is it now?

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com Materials produced by groups with “extreme political stances” have been barred from English classrooms by the UK government under new guidance for the relationships, sex, and health curriculum. Most of these extreme principles – racism, antisemitism and authoritarianism – are uncontroversial. But the list also includes oppositionContinue Reading