Spice Girls ‘embarrassed’ as 30-year-old song with explicit title leaks online


he Spice Girls have reportedly been left “embarrassed” as one of their unreleased tracks with a very explicit title has leaked online 30 years after they recorded it.

The song, titled C. U. Next Tuesday, an acronym rebus that stands for a certain four-letter swear word, was recorded for their debut album Spice.

And this week, a demo of it was leaked online in an unexplained security breach, leaving the group allegedly unimpressed.

A source told The Sun: “The Spice Girls are all at a very different place in their lives now than they were when this song was first written as a tongue-in-cheek track in the Nineties.

“It is obviously a bit embarrassing given the cringeworthy title, as they wouldn’t use the c-word in their own lives.”

The music insider added that its “a mystery” how the song was leaked but the beloved girl group aren’t “going to dwell on it.”

They continued: “The group have other projects they are looking forward to in 2023 so are focusing on them and hoping this song — which they were never particularly fond of — is forgotten.”

The Standard has contacted a representative for the Spice Girls.

In the past, Mel C shared her disdain for the track, saying it was never released “because it’s a pile of s**t” in an interview from yesteryear.

The singer was spoke about the song while discussing their greatest hits album at the time and told the Sunday Mirror that it would be “a big rip-off” if the track was to be included on the EP.

She said: “C.U. Next Tuesday was never used because it’s a pile of s**t. It would be a big rip-off if Virgin put it on a greatest hits album now.”