50% off Spring Birdwatching Kits. Feed your garden birds at Nokular.com for £12.50

Garden bird feeding is a pastime which brings great joy and peace, welcoming beautiful species to the garden such as robins, tits, sparrows, starlings, wrens and many more. Since the start of the pandemic, garden bird feeding has become even more popular, with over half of the UK’s population estimated to feed their garden birds. 

Nokular is a small eco-friendly business, passionate about reconnecting you with nature by helping you to feed your garden birds. They provide the highest quality bird feed and educate people on the importance of year-round garden bird feeding and the fantastic benefits this can have, both for us and for our wildlife. 

Inspired by their love of nature, Riana Thakrar and Matt Jones founded Nokular in 2020. Nokular ingredients are carefully crafted and hand-selected to accommodate the seasonal needs of birds. The packaging for all of their products is entirely recyclable and the feed is a no waste, no mess blend which contains nothing but fruit, insects and nuts. 

To celebrate the onset of spring, we are collaborating with Nokular to offer the first 50 readers 50% off their Nokular Spring Starter Kit using the code WMN50. For £12.50 with free delivery, this kit contains everything you need to get started and includes a feeder, Nokular’s spring blend, feeding tips and their monthly update.

Feed your garden birds at Nokular.com for £12.50